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Interview with ASQE CEO, Jim Templin
In this interview with ASQE CEO Jim Templin, we learn what exactly is the ASQE, how it interfaces with ASQ, and affects its members. And of course, why was ASQE created in the first place?
Hexagon's Absolute Tracker AT500 at Coast Aerospace Manufacturing

At Coast Aerospace in Southern California, we measure a large aerospace tool with a Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 Probing System, coupled with Hexagon's Inspire metrology software.

Hexagon TEMPO automated part loading system

Jonathan Dove of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence demonstrates the TEMPO automated part loading system, a cost-effective solution that increases the throughput of your coordinate measuring machine and maximizes operational capacity.

SZX-AR1 Augmented Reality Microscope System

We talk to Rob Bellinger of Evident (formerly Olympus) about the SZX-AR1 Augmented Reality Microscope System. The AR1 microscope system enables you to overlay text and digital images over your microscope's field of view, making it easy to follow directions, read notes, and even watch videos without removing your eyes from the eyepieces.

The AR1 module works with Olympus SZX stereo microscopes, turning them into augmented reality tools that improve the speed and efficiency of your microscope-based manufacturing tasks and training.

Ultrasonic scanning using portable arm

In this Tech Corner from the HxGN LIVE show in Las Vegas, François Mainguy, president and CEO of PRAGMA, demonstrates its PragmaRoll 64 scanning ultrasonic probe mounted to a Hexagon Absolute Arm.

What's up with the ASQ: Interview with CEO, Ann Jordan
We talk to Ann Jordan about where the quality profession is heading, ASQ membership, and the drop in ISO 9001 certifications.
Do we really need a 40-hour workweek?

Remote work has made many rethink what work is. Is it hours spent working or is it getting a set of tasks done? Do we subconsciously manage our time so that our tasks take 40 hours? We talk with Donna McGeorge, bestselling author of the It’s About Time series of books.

What is smart manufacturing?

If you look up "smart manufacturing," you mostly find a lot of jargon. But what does it look like to the people who use it? We talk with Paul Rogers, president of the North, South, and Central America region for Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division.


Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Whitepaper: Reducing costs through virtual simulation

An AGV doesn't have to break the bank

As the capabilities of automated guided vehicles expand, people may be overthinking AGV ownership. For many smaller companies there are low-cost AGV solutions that will work for them. We talk with Mike Kotzian of Kivnon.

K05 Twister: Small and rotational automated guided vehicle

How Kivnon AGVs work

Kivnon YouTube Channel

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