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CMSC Preview

Our look at the who's who of CMSC 2008.

The quality industry offers a number of terrific events during the course of the year, but none is more informative, entertaining, and intimate than the Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference. This year’s CMSC occurs in Charlotte, North Carolina, July 21 through July 25. As always, the event is packed with activity, including a bustling exhibition hall, unique off-site events (a tour of Richard Childress Racing is included this year), and white paper presentations demonstrating the latest advances in portable coordinate metrology.

Best of all, CMSC offers coordinate metrology professionals the opportunity to meet and exchange best practices within their respective fields. Exhibitors and attendees include subject-matter experts offering insights on laser trackers, articulating arm coordinate measuring machines, photogrammetry, support software, and much more.

This article offers information on the organizations that will be exhibiting at CMSC 2008. Included are brief descriptions of the companies, the equipment that they will be showcasing in Charlotte, and their web sites and booth numbers.

Be sure to stop by booth No. 906, where you’ll find the Quality Digest team. We’re proud to support the Coordinate Metrology Society--the user group that runs the CMSC. For information on the society, including details on how to become a member and/or attend the show, visit online at www.cmsc.org.

See you in Charlotte!


Accurex Measurement Inc.

www.accurexmeasure.com / www.tubemeasure.com

Booth No. 807

Accurex provides high-precision 3-D scanning and dimensional measurement systems for industrial, scientific, and research applications. Accurex also provides specialized systems for tube measurement, dynamic measurement, gap and flush measurement, deformation analysis, and product support for Aicon 3-D optical measurement systems, Breuckmann structured-light scanners, and the Third Dimension GapGun in North America. Software solutions include Polyworks for inspection applications, Rapidform XOR for reverse-engineering, and Verisurf for build applications.


AICON 3D Systems GmbH


Booth No. 808

AICON 3D develops and distributes systems for inspection and testing. The portable measuring system DPAInspect for part inspection will measure parts from a few millimeters to many meters in size. DPAPro is dedicated to static process analysis of deformation and motion. TubeInspect is an optical tube-measuring system for the high-precision measurement of tubes, and the setup and correction of bending programs. MoveInspect provides 3-D measurement of dynamic processes, and can conduct tests without a time limit at a frequency of 490 Hz.


Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.


Booth No. 908

Assembly Guidance Systems is the leading supplier of advanced, stand-alone, and integrated laser projection systems. Assembly Guidance offers a line of LASERGUIDE products and solutions. LASERGUIDE projects CAD images directly onto tooling, eliminating templates for hand-laid composites. KitGuide improves nesting efficiency by projecting ply pickup sequence. LaserNow software provides laser data and instant display from any digital model. Universal LASERGUIDE is the only wireless, targetless, portable multitasking 3-D laser system with AutoAim and AutoFocus.


ATT Metrology Services Inc.


Booth Nos. 101-103

ATT Metrology Services is a world-class provider of large-volume precision dimensional metrology services and equipment leasing. ATT utilizes the most advanced and accurate 3-D measurement equipment and software available. ATT employees have a wealth of experience working with major manufacturers fabricating, inspecting, aligning, reverse-engineering, and developing vehicles, aircraft, communication systems, and facilities. ATT is a premier provider of laser trackers, total stations, laser scanners and digital photogrammetry services to aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, scientific, marine, nuclear, construction, communication/antenna, and entertainment industries.


Automated Precision Inc.

www.apisensor.com /www.apitechnical.com

Booth Nos. 401-404

API has developed numerous products for industrial measurement, inspection, and calibration. For CMSC 2008, API will be showcasing the Tracker3 laser tracker and OmniTrac ADM system along with its unique accessories, the Active Target and SmartTrack Sensor. API will also be making a major announcement regarding new versions of the IntelliProbe and IntelliScan laser tracker accessories. Also on hand will be representatives from API’s new service company, which is headed by Ron Hicks, CMSC’s 2007 chairperson. In addition, API will have details on its machine tool calibration products, including the XD Laser, Swivelcheck, and digital autocollimator.




Booth No. 606

Bal-tec is a 55-year-old company that manufacturers custom precision balls, modified balls, and ball gauges. Bal-tec also makes standard kinematic components, or will build the final product and provide engineering assistance. Bal-tec builds an extensive line of CMM calibration equipment, including ball bars, dumbbells, stands and holding fixtures, probe calibration spheres, ball plates, and much more.


Basis Software Inc.


Booth No. 707

Basis Software manufactures its own line of lightweight and compact Surphaser 3-D laser scanning systems and also supplies OEM products for laser scanner manufacturers. The Surphaser line offers short-range (under 5 meters) and medium-range (under 40 meters) models ideal for use in dimensional control, reverse- engineering, and architecture, providing submillimeter accuracy for short-range and millimeter-scale accuracy for medium-range models, all with scanning rates of up to 800,000 points per second.


Breuckmann 3D Scanning Solutions


Booth No. 805

Breuckmann 3D Scanning Solutions’ topometric metrology, based on fringe projection techniques and photogrammetry, has extended image processing to the third dimension. Breuckmann is an innovative leader in system development and product manufacturing, as well as other applications such as reverse-engineering, inspection, rapid prototyping, design, surface inspection, and more. Based on fringe projection techniques, Breuckmann has developed a complete product spectrum of high-definition, 3-D surface scanners for a wide range of applications in industry, cultural heritage, medical technology, cosmetics, 3-D photography, and more.


Brunson Instrument Co.


Booth Nos. 3004-3005

Brunson Instrument Co. provides ISO 9001-certified manufacturing, engineering, technical services, training, and measurement consulting to clients employing large-volume metrology. Brunson is the recognized leader in optical tooling alignment instruments and accessories. As large-volume metrology evolved, employing numerous high-technology measurement products, Brunson expanded into new areas by leveraging its experience and manufacturing excellence. This includes the development of many standard accessories required by operators of quality-driven industrial measurement systems, as well as the design and manufacture of other custom metrology products.


BuildIT Software and Solutions Ltd.


Booth Nos. 305-306

BuildIT Software and Solutions was the first to introduce real-time, 3-D, design-based graphical tool building and measurement. Today, the company continues to lead with the innovative metrology solution Build!IT , which provides a traceable, model-based approach to measurement planning, GD&T, and native support for CATIA, UG-NX, and other design systems. BuildIT Software and Solutions will be showing a new evolution in portable metrology software at CMSC--the first coordinate metrology software designed entirely for use with portable metrology systems.


Capture 3D Inc.


Booth Nos. 1001-1002

Capture 3D’s complete measurement solutions save companies time and money by improving design and manufacturing processes. Solutions are utilized for current manufacturing and development environments in various industries, for inspection and quality control, FEA/CFD analysis, reverse-engineering, and 3-D visualization applications. Customers include Boeing, BMW, Cessna, Honda, Honeywell, NASCAR, NASA, Nissan, Pratt & Whitney, and Toyota.


Cerritos College


Booth No. 3008

Cerritos College, one of the largest community colleges in Southern California, provides students and industry with seven major technologies. Technical consulting, economic development, and workforce development provided by the Center for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) directly supports industry and manufacturing in Southern California by outsourcing technical training. A new 3-D lab and lecture facility has been established to support the metrology industry.


Creaform Inc.


Booth No. 605

Creaform combines every 3-D process and technology with innovative solutions that can cover the entire range of 3-D needs. Creaform has developed and sells the EXAscan, part of the Handyscan 3D line of self-positioning, hand-held 3-D laser scanners. This high- resolution, high-accuracy system is affordable, user-friendly, and boasts functionalities such as truly automatic, multiresolution, dual-scanning modes, and generates of files exportable to most CAD platforms. EXAscan software provides real- time 3-D rendering visualization.




Booth No. 604

Delcam is the world’s leading developer and supplier of CAD/CAM software. Delcam’s PowerINSPECT is a hardware-independent inspection software. The increased demand for inspecting parts and tools at multiple times in multiple places within the manufacturing chain requires software that can be used on a variety of different inspection-hardware platforms. PowerINSPECT delivers a complete CAD-based solution for manual, CNC, optical CMM, laser trackers, line laser probes, and OMV on-machine inspection.


Direct Dimensions Inc.


Booth No. 1003

Direct Dimensions Inc. specializes in the application and sales of advanced 3-D digital imaging and industrial measurement products. The company provides solutions for a wide range of fields, from design, engineering, and manufacturing to art, sculpture, and architecture. Direct Dimensions specializes in the unique application of advanced 3-D digitizing and laser scanning systems and the conversion of raw point-cloud data into high-resolution, high-accuracy, 3-D computer models.




Booth No. 504

ETALON’s key competencies lie in the calibration, monitoring, and accuracy enhancement of measuring machines and machine tools. ETALON technology enables significantly improved calibration times and thereby minimizes machine downtime. The LaserTRACER is a high-speed, ultra-precise mobile system for the calibration and verification of CMMs, CNC machine tools, and other leading-edge measurement applications. The LaserTRACER tracks a reflector mounted on the machine tool or CMM probe. The system automatically drives the tool during the measurement cycle for the machine test and then guides the user through the testing process.


Exact Metrology Inc.


Booth Nos. 1004-1005

Exact Metrology Inc. is a customer-focused company specializing in point-cloud technology and portable CMM technology. The company offers products ranging from the high-end Breuckmann white-light scanner, with up to 6.6 megapixels, to the cost-effective Microscan3D articulated arm and scanner. In addition, Exact Metrology offers the industry-leading Perceptron laser scanners, featuring three different lasers. Exact Metrology Inc. is a master distributor for the InnovMetric PolyWorks point-cloud software products.


FARO Technologies Inc.


Booth Nos. 201- 202 and 301- 302

With an accuracy as high as 0.00012 in. and a range up to 230 feet, the FARO Laser Tracker offers the highest accuracy in a full-time ADM tracker. FARO’s XtremeADM is faster, easier to use, and more efficient than any other system. FARO has also added new instruments to its arsenal, including the Quantum FaroArm and Photon Laser Scanner. Quantum offers an 8-foot volumetric accuracy of up to +/-0.0007 in. (+/-18 microns), while the Photon’s imaging capabilities revolutionize large-scale reverse- engineering and nondestructive testing.


Geodetic Systems Inc.


Booth Nos. 2001-2003

GSI develops and markets the V-STARS family of 3-D CMMs for users involved in measurement and inspection applications in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive, power generation, antennas, heavy engineering, and shipbuilding. At CMSC 2008, GSI will exhibit its versatile range of V-STARS solutions, from the all- new entry-level V-STARS/E5 family of systems to the top-of-the-line V-STARS/S8 single camera and V-STARS/M8 dual camera systems based on the unrivaled INCA3a photogrammetric camera.


Geomagic Inc.


Booth No. 308

Geomagic solutions transform scan data into accurate digital models for applications that include digital reconstruction, quality inspection, and engineering analysis. The company’s products include Geomagic Qualify computer-aided inspection software, Geomagic Blade turbo-machinery-inspection extension, Geomagic Review free inspection analysis and collaboration software, and Geomagic Studio digital reconstruction software. Geomagic products and services enable mass customization with the same efficiency and cost as mass production, speed time-to-market for consumer products, and automate inspection.


Hexagon Metrology Inc.


Booth Nos. 501-503

Hexagon Metrology serves the high-precision measurement and inspection needs of worldwide manufacturers with its extensive line of metrology hardware, software, accessories, and customer services. The company’s name-brand portfolio of quality assurance products include Brown & Sharpe, CogniTens, Leica Geosystems, ROMER, Sheffield, PC-DMIS, DEA, Leitz, and TESA. Hexagon Metrology has an unrivaled installation base of more than 1.5 million hand-held, stationary, and portable measurement devices, and more than 30,000 seats of PC-DMIS metrology software.


Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing Inc.


Booth Nos. 505-506

Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing makes quality targeting, accessories, and tooling components. Since selling its first theodolite target in 1984, Hubbs has consistently led the way in targeting for support of metrology systems, building its business by word of mouth on offerings of quality targets along with superior customer service. Stop by to see Hubbs’ new look and pick up the latest Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing product catalog, updated with several new items.


InnovMetric Software Inc.


Booth Nos. 605 and 607-608

InnovMetric Software develops and sells PolyWorks, a leading software solution that transforms high-density 3-D digitizers into true metrology instruments. These efforts have made PolyWorks the standard point-cloud engineering software suite for major automotive and aeronautic manufacturers worldwide. PolyWorks is a corporate solution that enables the deployment of standardized methods throughout the organization for comparing parts to CAD, analyzing GD&T, virtually gauging dimensions, meshing high-density point clouds, and rapidly surfacing digitized meshes.


Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc.


Booth No. 307

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas (KMSA) announces the launch of the RANGE 7, the first product of a new series of high-performance 3-D scanning instruments to meet the needs of the industrial inspection, manufacturing, and quality control segments in various industries. The RANGE 7 is a high-speed, high- accuracy, noncontact 3-D digitizer enabling companies to exchange 3-D CAD data. It has a compact, lightweight (6.7 kilogram) design. The RANGE 7 can take high-speed scans of approximately two seconds per shot and utilizes interchangeable lenses to provide a broad scan range.


Laser Projection Technologies Inc.


Booth Nos. 203-204 and 303-304

Laser Projection Technologies manufactures the fastest and most accurate laser projection systems in the world. With a variety of models available, LPT 3-D templating systems eliminate hard tooling and assembly templates for any manufacturing or component assembly application, reducing production time and cost by up to 75 percent. These soft-tooling assembly systems are used for commercial and military projects in the aerospace and automotive industries, large vehicle and construction equipment assembly, ship and boat building, solar panel assembly, and more.


Metris USA


Booth Nos. 601-603 and 701-703

Metris designs, develops, and markets a unique range of 3-D hardware and software inspection systems for the automotive and aerospace sectors. The company offers world-class metrology solutions for both design and manufacturing. The comprehensive product family covers the full range of measurement volumes required by customers, in both fixed and portable configurations, and with optical and touch sensors. The product portfolio is composed of bridge and horizontal arm CMMs, optical CMMs, CMM laser scanners, hand-held laser scanners, laser radars, IGPS tracking systems, and all application software.


Metrologic Group


Booth Nos. 104-106

Metrologic is the standard in 3-D software upgrades and retrofits, with global software packages that can be used directly on portable arms, laser trackers, and other devices, including conventional CMMs. The company’s range of product includes the Metrolog (online) and Silma (offline) programming solutions. Metrologic’s universal controller can be fitted to any type of CMM, supporting very specific applications such as dual drive, rotary table, continuous scanning, and optical laser scanning. The new Metrologic V5 Inspection suite is the first integrated online solution for CATIA V5 users.


Metronor AS


Booth Nos. 805 and 904-905

Metronor is showcasing its time-tested SOLO and DUO portable measuring systems, and introducing the new naviSCAN3D large-volume scanning system. Both the SOLO and DUO provide the means to easily measure very large objects through the use of a carbon graphite hand-held probe, which enables the user to probe deeply into hidden areas. The naviSCAN3D consists of a Breuckmann stereoSCAN3D scanner with an innovative LED target system that enables the Metronor DUO to track the scanner in 6DOF.


Multi Metrics Inc.


Booth No. 3006

Multi Metrics enables companies to realize the promise of GD&T: to design more functional products and achieve significant reductions in new product ramp-up times and manufacturing and inspection costs. At CMSC, Multi Metrics will be promoting e-GAD Software (electronic GD&T-aided design), a multilingual, e-learning/support software suite which streamlines and supports the use of GD&T. Powered by Multi Metrics’ SmartGD&T Technology , e-GAD Software delivers on-demand, self-guided technical support and just-in-time training, enabling companies of any size to reap the benefits of GD&T internally and throughout their supply chains.




Booth Nos. 407-408 and 507-508

At this year’s CMSC, NDI will demonstrate how the shop floor tools of the future are available today with an extensive range of metrology products designed to simplify both touch probing and hand-held laser scanning. For contact measurement, the OPTOTRAK PROseries offers the industry’s most advanced wireless probing system. For hand-held point-cloud measurement, NDI’s ScanTRAK laser-scanning solution delivers unmatched performance. For tracking applications, OPTOTRAK Dynamic Measuring Machines are the undisputed industry leader.


New River Kinematics


Booth Nos. 801-803

New River Kinematics (NRK) is an engineering software development firm specializing in spatial transformations and computer graphics. NRK’s SpatialAnalyzer (SA) is a traceable metrology, 3-D graphical software platform that makes it easy for users to build, inspect, and reverse-design large parts and tools with any combination of portable measurement technologies. SA’s graphical environment allows the user to download the CAD model (e.g., CATIA, UG, etc.) and then make all the measurements and perform the analysis, including GD&T, on the shop floor.


Northwest Metrology


Booth No. 708

Northwest Metrology rents FARO 3-D laser scanners and trackers for contract inspection, as-built documentation, and more on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Although renting is typically available only to those customers with trained operators in-house, Northwest Metrology offers this same option to companies that lack measuring expertise. The company’s comprehensive training programs can make operators productive on task-specific applications in very little time. At CMSC 2008, Northwest Metrology will feature the most up-to-date FARO Laser Trackers and 3-D laser scanners on the market, as well as a selection of software.


On-Trak Photonics Inc.


Booth No. 706

On-Trak Photonics is a manufacturer of laser-alignment equipment for aircraft, shipbuilding, and industrial applications. Using conventional optical tooling, On-Trak laser-based systems offer the user an easy-to-operate, multitarget, instantaneous, and objective measurement. At CMSC, On-Trak Photonics will be displaying the CMSC OT-7000 auto aligning laser system, the OT-4040 portable alignment laser system, the OT-5000 rotating laser multitarget system, and the OT-2020 rotating laser target.


Origin Technologies Inc.


Booth Nos. 3001-3003

Origin Technologies’ LaserGauge is a laser-profiling instrument used for dimensional measurements and surface-contour analysis. The hand-held or machine-mountable LaserGauge bridges the gap between mechanical gauging and CMMs. Virtual gauges allow the user to measure gap and flush, weld features, fastener height and depth, foreign object damage, corrosion pitting, wet-sealant beads, leading-edge thickness on turbine blades, and many other features including those needing customization. Origin Technologies also develops software for programming inspection routines.




Booth No. 2004

QMC, the market leader in product quality validation, provides leading-edge metrology and measurement information solutions, enabling global manufacturers to identify and address product fit, quality, and nonconformance issues early, before they become costly build problems. At CMSC 2008, QMC will exhibit its award- winning CM4D software and will highlight its recently established partnership with Verisurf.




Booth No. 705

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is the world’s leading professional society supporting manufacturing education. Through its member programs, publications, expositions, and professional development resources, SME promotes an increased awareness of manufacturing engineering and helps keep manufacturing professionals up to date on leading trends and technologies. SME influences more than half a million manufacturing practitioners and executives annually. The Society celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2007, and has members in more than 70 countries supported by a network of hundreds of technical communities and chapters worldwide.


Sokkia Co. Ltd.


Booth No. 704

Sokkia is a leading manufacturer of precision measuring systems with a diverse product line of complete measurement solutions for surveying, mapping and GIS, industrial measurement, and construction applications. Sokkia has continually focused its efforts to create measuring instruments of the highest quality. Sokkia excels in technological development and quality customer service worldwide.


Spectrum Metrology


Booth No. 3009

Spectrum Metrology promotes and sells the Taylor Hobson range of electro-optical equipment worldwide, including alignment lasers, telescopes, levels, and other angle-measurement devices. The company is also the exclusive representative for the Brunson range of products in the United Kingdom. The Alignment Telescope produces a straight-line reference for setting and checking components. With the advent of new technology such as CCD cameras, the Alignment Telescope becomes digital and invaluable for a whole series of additional critical measurements.




Booth No. 405

SPG DATA 3D is the leading supplier of precise, fast, and cost-effective image-based systems for 3-D measuring and inspection. SPG DATA 3D delivers turnkey systems configured for specific applications. Main applications of the technologies are 3-D coordinate measurement and inspection for quality control and in-process inspection. The company’s major market are in the transport and energy industries.


Steinbichler Vision Systems Inc.


Booth No. 3007

Steinbichler Vision Systems develops and markets highly precise measurement systems. The company’s best-in-class 3-D digitizing products--COMET and T-scan--are in operation at numerous well-known industrial companies and research institutes, and its automotive sheet-metal defect identification system--ABIS--is rapidly gaining automotive customers worldwide. The white-light COMET5 with its new projection technology reaches new performance levels for high-speed measurements, enabling quick data acquisition, an advantage when measuring in vibration-prone industrial environments.


SURVICE Metrology


Booth No. 205

SURVICE Metrology provides innovative and integrated dimensional metrology, 3-D modeling, and metrology application development services. From its metrology center in northeastern Maryland to the company’s portable field- measurement teams, SURVICE Metrology provides support to the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial customers. SURVICE Metrology will feature its Composite Inspection Tool Suite at the 2008 CMSC Conference.


Texas Machine-Tool International LLC


Booth No. 907

At CMSC, TMI will showcase its custom process and measurement plan development capabilities, featuring SpatialAnalyzer software, aircraft tooling design and production capabilities, and www.lasertrackerstuff.com, which is dedicated to making the measurement tools, accessories, and services from a broad spectrum of manufacturers available in one place , online, hassle-free, with fast delivery.


Third Dimension Software


Booth No. 806

Third Dimension Software’s flagship product, the GapGun, is a light, rugged, hand-held laser measurement gauge that is used extensively around the globe by the majority of automotive and aerospace manufacturers. The company’s all-new GapGun software, SPC3d, is designed to be versatile, scalable, fast, and robust for use both in high-volume inline manufacturing environments, and analysis and investigative work.


Verisurf Software Inc.


Booth Nos. 901-903

Verisurf has long been leading the metrology world with innovative software solutions that make high-tech measuring devices more productive. Verisurf’s customer list is a “who’s who” of major aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers, from large tier-one integrators all the way down to small machine shops. The company has a rich history that began with the early days of computer-aided manufacturing in aerospace, and is part of a group of companies that manufacture high-precision components.


W.N.B.C. in L.A. Inc.


Booth No. 208

W.N.B.C. in L.A. manufactures pressure- sensitive targets in either retro-reflective or white-light configurations to facilitate measurement studies. Total station targets are offered with customers’ logo and identification imprinted on them. The manufactured coded targets are customized to be used with a variety of imaging systems. Kapton-backed targets are used at temperature extremes, (i.e. 500°F or cryogenic temperatures).

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