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Book: Implementing Lean Six Sigma Throughout the Supply Chain

A comprehensive and interactive case study

Published: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 16:58

(CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL) -- Explanations of theory, lists of rules, and discussions of procedure are the basis of learning lean Six Sigma. However without a visceral understanding of the application of this powerful system in various circumstances, the knowledge remains, at best, conjecture. Detailed examination of case studies that take real-world variables into account is the only way to truly master lean Six Sigma, and it’s what Implementing Lean Six Sigma throughout the Supply Chain: The Comprehensive and Transparent Case Study (CRC Press, 2010) intends to accomplish.

Providing a comprehensive lean Six Sigma case study from start to finish, authors Elizabeth A. Cudney and Rodney Kestle, from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, describe the deployment of the define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC) process used in today’s retail industry.

Going far beyond a brief overview, this interactive case study presents all the data used by a team as it implements lean Six Sigma in a distribution center. It details the team’s decision-making rational, allowing readers to extrapolate and implement the same analyses and conclusions in their own settings.

An interactive CD accompanies the book and contains all of the graphs, charts, tables, and data analysis provided in the text. The CD provides PowerPoint training slides and easily accessible data sets that correspond to the figures in the book, as well as a full glossary and reference guide to commonly used lean and Six Sigma terms.

Providing a clear link between all of the lean Six Sigma tools and their applications in a real-world setting, this indispensable training tool gives the critical understanding needed to start you on your lean Six Sigma journey.

Included topics

• Lean Six Sigma overview
• Case study introduction
• Define phase
• Measure phase
• Analyze phase
• Improve phase
• Control phase
• Conclusions
• Lean Six Sigma glossary

Key features

• Includes a CD with data to perform the analyses discussed in the text
• Follows a comprehensive lean Six Sigma case study
• Provides more than 100 figures and tables
• Contains a comprehensive glossary of lean and Six Sigma terminology


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