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Exemplar Global Inc.


Exemplar Global Acquires The Auditor Online

Acquisition expands The Auditor’s distribution to Exemplar Global’s auditor database

Published: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - 09:48

(Exemplar Global: Sydney, Australia) -- Exemplar Global Inc., a global provider of professional credentialing and training certification, has acquired The Auditor Online from Paton Professional, a publisher of quality, standards, and regulatory compliance books, training, and other media.

The Auditor Online is a web destination for management systems auditors, primarily those focused on quality, environmental, automotive, aerospace, energy, IT, occupational health and safety, telecommunications, and related standards. The site features news, interviews, and in-depth articles on auditing, standards, professional development, and other issues relevant to auditors.

The acquisition of The Auditor Online provides another benefit for Exemplar Global’s certified auditors as they will soon enjoy complimentary access (a $49 value) to the site as part of their Exemplar Global certification. In addition, current subscribers to The Auditor will benefit from Exemplar Global’s extensive expert audit knowledge base.

Scott Paton, founder and publisher of The Auditor, will continue to serve as publisher will also continue to manage editorial and ad sales for the site.

“I’m excited to join The Auditor with Exemplar Global,” says Paton. “Exemplar Global’s extensive auditor database, global reach, and vast auditing knowledge base will greatly expand The Auditor’s depth and reach across the standards profession. Our current readers will greatly benefit from Exemplar Global’s investment in the site. In addition, Exemplar Global’s auditors will gain a valuable benefit with instant access to The Auditor’s online content.”

Peter Holtmann, president and CEO of Exemplar Global, sees The Auditor as yet another way the company is adding value for its auditors.

“Acquiring The Auditor is another way that Exemplar Global is adding value for our certified auditors,” says Holtmann. “Integrating The Auditor into Exemplar Global will give our certified auditors a valuable benefit, allowing them to stay current with auditing news, articles, tools, techniques, and other information that will help them keep pace with the rapidly changing auditing profession. The Auditor will also benefit from our deep global network of auditing knowledge.”

As part of the acquisition, the print version of The Auditor will no longer be published. All current and past content will be fully accessible online through the password-protected site.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Hackney at AU (02) 472–4600 or email at rhackney@exemplarglobal.org.


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Exemplar Global Inc.

Exemplar Global provides individuals from around the world with credentials of competence and capability through personnel certification. Training courses and their outcomes can be certified against international requirements for training delivery and examination best practice. Our College offers continuing professional development to our certified professionals. iNARTE credentials Engineers in the electronics and telecommunications industries. Our business activities ensure we are the thought leaders and influencers of best practices of competency-based certification through Laureate; and we look for ways of providing recognition for communities with our Gratiis services for those who support others charitably.