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Frances Brunelle
When quality is documented and addressed, the ability to get top asking price is improved
Donald J. Wheeler
Do you know what really happens in phase two?
Anthony D. Burns
It’s overhyped and virtually of no benefit in production. The essential production tool is the control chart.
Harish Jose
Users ultimately determine the purpose of any device
Harish Jose
Insights into Kingman’s formula

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Six Sigma News
A guide for practitioners and managers
Making lean Six Sigma easier and adaptable to current workplaces
Gain visibility into real-time quality data to improve manufacturing process efficiency, quality, and profits
Makes it faster and easier to find and return tools to their proper places
Version 3.1 increases flexibility and ease of use with expanded data formatting features
Provides accurate visual representations of the plan-do-study-act cycle
SQCpack and GAGEpack offer a comprehensive approach to improving product quality and consistency
Customized visual dashboards by Visual Workplace help measure performance
Helps manufacturers by focusing on problems and problem resolution in real time

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Profiles in Quality: Jim Harrington--Episode 3

Video Information

The final episode with Jim Harrington at his home in Los Gatos, CA.

Here, Jim talks about the impact of family life on quality management.




Thanks, Jim!

Just a word of thanks to Jim for being so generous with his time in helping us launch our videos. Your words on the importance of family life should be remembered by us all.