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Zontec Releases Synergy 1000 And Synergy 1000+ Versions 10.0

Gain visibility into real-time quality data to improve manufacturing process efficiency, quality, and profits

Published: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 11:00

(Zontec: Cincinnati)-- Zontec Inc., a worldwide leader in statistical process control (SPC) software that improves manufacturing quality, has announced the availability of Synergy 1000 and Synergy 1000+ v. 10.0.

The Synergy 1000 and Synergy 1000+ products are part of an entire suite of Zontec SPC software solutions that give visibility to real-time quality data to improve manufacturing process efficiency, quality, and profits. Instantly see quality data in straightforward color-coded charts full of actionable metrics. Quickly recognize sources of process variation allowing users to decide if an undesirable shift in the numbers needs attention to avoid producing defective parts that result in scrap and rework. Shop-floor operators, supervisors, quality engineers, and management can focus their attention on monitoring and analyzing production parts for improved quality using the SynergySPC suite of real-time software products.

“Zontec has provided the most powerful and easy-to-use SPC software solutions to manufacturers for over 35 years,” says Zontec president Warren Ha. “We take time to understand the demands placed on manufacturing quality teams. We focus our efforts on developing features that help our customers improve manufacturing quality, cut costs and save time.” 

Synergy 1000 and Synergy 1000+ v. 10.0 includes the following new features to streamline problem solving by the quality team:• Intuitively navigate the system with new enhanced toolbar graphics and menu
• Estimate initial scrap and rework using our new First Pass Quality Report for visibility into the rate of nonconforming production during a designated run, date and time, batch number and/or another traceable item
• Access out-of-control action plans (OCAP) with one-click clarifying appropriate corrective actions for operators at the time of the event
• Automatically export any real-time part or process data for further business or statistical analysis with other software tools
• Simultaneously access specification and gate functions with the new Spec/Gate Map
• View real-time overall equipment efficiency (OEE) as the OEE dashboard calculates and reports performance efficiency (PE), rate of quality product (ROQP), and overall equipment effectiveness
• Email customized certificate of analysis (COA) reports that include your company’s logo
• Easily save COA reports in PDF format
• Use key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard to access, track, and analyze factors contributing to production efficiency

Current Synergy 1000 and 1000+ users, covered under the Zontec Annual Service Agreement Plan, automatically receive the update and documentation for version 10.0. If you would like more information about the capabilities of Synergy 1000, you can contact us at www.zontec-spc.com or request a product brochure at https://www.zontec-spc.com/synergy-1000/.


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Exceeding expectations since 1983, Zontec is a leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software to companies worldwide, spanning every industrial class. We are highly respected for our singular commitment to the innovation and aggressive product development of SynergySPC quality software with in-house creation, testing, documentation and technical support. Our suite of high-performance SynergySPC software products lets us pair customers with a best-fit solution. Our software helps manufacturers improve the stability and capability of their process using real-time data for early detection of special causes, continuous quality improvement and ongoing return on investment. Zontec offers a 100% Investment Retention Program.