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Guidon Performance Solutions LLC

Six Sigma

Event: Two-Day Introductory Workshop on Lean Six Sigma

Guidon Performance Solutions’ course provides road map for implementing business process improvement strategies

Published: Monday, August 9, 2010 - 13:25

(Guidon Performance Solutions: Mesa, AZ) -- Guidon Performance Solutions LLC, a provider of process management and performance improvement solutions to the service sector, is offering a two-day workshop “LeanSigma Fundamentals for Service,” on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1,  in Mesa, Arizona. This workshop is an ideal starting point for companies interested in learning how to apply Guidon’s unique fusion of lean and Six Sigma methodologies—“LeanSigma”— to improve customer satisfaction, enhance operational performance, and increase sales and earnings. 

LeanSigma Fundamentals for Service introduces LeanSigma to executive and mid-level leaders of service organizations (i.e., transactional, retail, government, and other traditional services organizations). It provides a concise overview of how and why LeanSigma tools are so effective in service businesses. The workshop is designed so that the tools and techniques can be easily applied across a variety of disciplines. Participants will leave the workshop with a clear road map for implementing business process improvement strategies.

The workshop is designed to help participants understand how to leverage LeanSigma to:

• Cut end-to-end cycle time from days or weeks to hours
• Improve customer service levels
• Increase customer retention
• Grow productivity

The workshop will be held at Guidon Performance Solutions’ corporate office  at 4320 E. Presidio St., Ste. B-101, Mesa, Arizona 85215.

Download the LeanSigma Fundamentals for Service brochure for complete information at www.guidonps.com/services/knowledge-transfer/LSF%20Brochure_Service.pdf.

To register, visit www.guidonps.com or contact Melissa Sopwith at (866) 986-4414 or msopwith@guidonps.com.


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Guidon Performance Solutions LLC

Guidon Performance Solutions LLC a management consulting firm specializing in business performance improvement and growth, pioneered the combined application of lean and Six Sigma in the service sector. Guidon serves clients in financial services, health care, government, retail, technology, and other service organizations. Guidon provides strategic direction and hands-on implementation to guide cultural and organizational transformation. Guidon’s approach, aligned with client leadership, generates measurable results including revenue growth, cost reduction, productivity improvement, increased customer satisfaction, and innovation.