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Unleashing the Power of 3P

The key to breakthrough improvement

Published: Monday, August 13, 2012 - 11:51

(Productivity Press: Boca Raton, FL) -- Based on a true story, the book, Unleashing the Power of 3P: The Key to Breakthrough Improvement, by Dan McDonnell and Drew A. Locher (Productivity Press, 2012), follows Pete and his team as they journey through lean and the production preparation process (3P) and bring their plant back from the brink. You’ll learn from the team’s mistakes and follow them as they visit a hospital and realize that lean and 3P can be applied in any industry.

The book outlines time-tested methods that can be applied to any combination of product, process, and facility design to reduce costly redesign iterations and associated delays. It takes readers on a start-to-finish journey as Pete’s company completes a new production start-up in dramatically reduced time and cost using a proven methodology to move beyond project delays and cost overruns.

Unleashing the Power of 3P appeals to beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners of continuous improvement.


A Case for Change
Pre-3P: The Art of Air Guitar
The Moonshiner
Building a Case
Preparing for the Preparing
The Right Start
A Benchtop View
The Other Flows
The Vertical Start-Up

About Dan McDonnell and Drew Locher

Dan McDonnell is the vice president of operational excellence at Ingersoll Rand and is currently helping to drive an enterprisewide transformation using an operational excellence program, which in part consists of Toyota’s 3P process.

Drew Locher is the managing director for Change Management Associates, provider of lean enterprise consulting and organizational development services to manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, distribution, education, and financial services organizations.



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