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IQS Introduces Proprietary Integration Capability for Real-Time APQP Reporting

Published: Sunday, March 21, 2004 - 22:00

(IQS: North Olmsted, OH) -- IQS Inc. has released its OptiMetrix Integration Engine, an enterprise performance management application that enables real-time, bidirectional transfer of APQP information throughout the automotive manufacturer supply chain.

OptiMetrix IE uses native messaging agent technology and electronic data exchange through XML documents across multiple tiers of supply chains. The technology enables low-cost data integration with manufacturers’ existing APQP systems and provides a means of reducing nonvalue-added costs using open standards based on XML and Web services.

“Our OptiMetrix IE represents breakthrough integration technology that enables critical product design and engineering data to pass quickly and accurately throughout multiple layers of the supply chain,” says Michael Rapaport, IQS president and CEO. “With OEMs planning a record number of product launches this year, the ability to compress the product launch cycle and speed time to market will affect manufacturers’ profitability in a very significant way.”

The technology is available to the automotive industry in both on-site and hosted, on-demand versions. For more information, click here.


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IQS develops enterprise quality and compliance management software. The company’s to provide a cradle-to-grave approach of coordinating and connecting the people and processes manufacturers use to build a product—right the first time. The IQS software model provides customers with an enterprisewide framework to easily manage compliance with multiple regulations, quality standards, and mandates. IQS’s integrated data hub allows increased visibility and quick access into business processes within organizations, while providing actionable insight into performance and risk-related metrics.