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Digitalization of Mechanical Pumps: Timmer’s IoT Solution Enables Live Monitoring

Location-independent real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance even for purely mechanical pumps

Published: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 12:00

(Timmer GmbH: Neuenkirchen, Germany) -- Pioneering work in the field of paint delivery pumps: With timIOT, Timmer GmbH launches a digital solution that for the first time allows a location-independent real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance even for purely mechanical pumps. timIOT consists of a retrofittable sensor for data acquisition and the timIOT smartbox. It connects the pump with the timIOT cloud platform. Operators benefit, among other things, from a significantly higher process reliability, a minimization of downtimes, and considerable cost savings due to better planning. Timmer will launch its timIOT digital solution on May 1, 2021.

Modern industrial systems, for example for the supply of paint, are highly complex, and numerous parameters are already being monitored—often with the exception of the pumps. Yet they are the heart of the system and thus a decisive element in the process chain. Failures can result in considerable economic losses. Until now, operators have had to rely on experience when it comes to maintenance or replacement. Especially for purely mechanical double diaphragm pumps, no operating data could be collected so far. “With our new IoT solution timIOT we are facing this challenge and creating a high data availability”, explains Frederic Engels, market development at Timmer. “The solution enables the readout and statistical evaluation of comprehensive process data and can be integrated into Timmer’s double diaphragm pumps and electric piston pumps, among others.”

The system design of timIOT is quite simple: The pump must first be equipped with an intelligent sensor. This sensor is already integrated as standard in most of the Timmer double diaphragm pumps. Then the sensor is linked to the timIOT smart box, which transmits the data to the cloud by means of a secure transmission, for example via a separate LTE router that is independent of the company network. The visualization and evaluation of the data is done on end devices such as PCs, smartphones,or tablets. Clearly structured histograms, tables, and statistics can be viewed from any location. In the case of error status or exceeding set values a notification in the IoT platform or to a defined e-mail address is made.

Reliable real-time monitoring of pumps

With the help of comprehensive data, plant operators can organize their processes more efficiently and make informed decisions. Parameters such as pump frequency, number of strokes or pressure curves are permanently visible. Predictions on wear and tear as well as the planning of repair measures become much more precise; this ensures optimum use of the pumps over their entire lifetime. “The statistical evaluation of the operating data also makes it easier to calculate operating costs and the optimization of system utilization,” emphasizes Engels. “After all, operators often replace all pumps at the same time, even though some of them have only reached a fraction of their maximum lifetime—this costs money in the long run.” Furthermore, predictive maintenance minimizes downtime and damage, while process stability and machine availability are increased.

The intelligent Timmer software provides users with additionally useful tools. These include intuitive maintenance planning, a maintenance calendar, as well as a user-friendly administration of service reports and pump-specific documentations. Timmer is offering the IoT solution based on a moderate annual license model. Regular updates and future functional expansions are planned.

For further information visit www.timmer.de/en.

The digital solution timIOT allows a location-independent real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance even for purely mechanical pumps.

About Timmer GmbH

Timmer GmbH, located in Neuenkirchen, Germany, is a manufacturer of products and special solutions in the fields of pneumatics, pumps, vacuum technology, and vacuum lifting technology. Timmer is also an expert in the field of industrial paint supply of painting lines and printing machines by means of piston pumps and double diaphragm pumps. In the vacuum lifting technology segment, the company produces vacuum lifters and tube lifters for transporting heavy, bulky loads. Furthermore Timmer offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts for all areas. Founded in 1978, the company employs more than 130 people at its two plants in Neuenkirchen.


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