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Book: A Reference for Strategic Use of Critical Success Factors

Simplifies identifying, generating, and applying success factors

Published: Monday, November 23, 2009 - 12:15

(Productivity Press: New York) -- Critical Success Factors Simplified: Implementing the Powerful Drivers of Dramatic Business Improvement, by Marvin T. Howell (Productivity Press, 2009) simplifies the identification, measurement, and use of critical success factors (CSFs) to successfully implement strategies, manage projects, and improve processes. It provides effective measurement techniques for tracking progress, highlighting problem areas, and facilitating improvements.

The first part covers the background of CSFs, and Rockart’s CSF Method in particular, along with two powerful techniques for identifying external CSFs, and a simple process to generate internal CSFs. The second part addresses specific applications of CSFs, from strategic planning to individual pursuits.

Critical Success Factors Simplified

  • Provides the CSF achievement model—a straight forward system that is easy to apply
  • Presents six techniques for measuring CSF implementation progress
  • Highlights key indicators for determining the appropriate course of action
  • Includes numerous examples to explain how to use CSFs
  • Demonstrates how to use these indicators to achieve success in anything from deploying strategic initiatives and managing a process or a project, to recruiting, playing blackjack, or buying a house


Howell, has his own quality and industrial engineering consulting firm, and has helped many companies establish strategic planning, process improvements, and problem-solving teams that increased their quality and productivity. His teams have won numerous awards for electronics stewardship, team performance, and pollution prevention efforts. He has served in construction, maintenance management, and human resources management, as a quality consultant, project manager, industrial engineer, and mechanical engineer, and as the owner and director of a corporation. He is also the author of Actionable Performance Measurement—A Key to Success (ASQ Quality Press, 2006).


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