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Simple Motor Control Solutions by Schneider Electronics Now Offered by Allied Electronics & Automation

Engineered to cover the core business needs of smaller companies and projects

Published: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 11:00

(Allied: Fort Worth, TX) -- Schneider Electric and Allied Electronics & Automation are offering a new limited-feature set of high-quality motor control and protection products priced right for smaller panel builders, OEMs, system integrators, industrial contractors, and more.

The Easy TeSys product line, based on Schneider's full-featured TeSys line, offers an easy, simple solution with a short-circuit ratings range up to 35kA at 480V that is easily accessible through Allied’s e-commerce site.

Overload relays and motor controllers

Scheider Easy TeSysWith contactors, overload relays, and motor controllers, along with simple accessories curated to save time, labor, and inventory costs, Easy TeSys is an IEC offering for motor control and protection that offers the same quality and build customers expect from Schneider Electric, and with a feature set designed specifically for small customers and applications at an accessible price.

“The beauty of Easy TeSys is its simplicity and accessibility without sacrificing quality,” says Erik Barnes, product marketing manager for Schneider Electric. “Establishing a solid reputation is critical for small system integrators, contractors, panel builders, and other small industrial businesses. With the accessibly priced Easy TeSys, these businesses can better compete in their markets, which cover the vast majority of their core needs for motor control and protection. We’re excited to launch Easy TeSys, because it supports a market we feel other motor control manufacturers overlook, and as these businesses grow, Schneider Electric can continue [to] support them along the way."

All Easy TeSys motor control and protection products are UL approved, easy to select, and easy to install. Some features include:
Contactors—35kA short-circuit current rating (with breaker), 1 million operations, IP20 finger-safe, front auxiliary contact option
Overload relays—35kA short-circuit current rating (with breaker), thermal trip Class 10, sealable cover, direct mount to DPE contactor
Manual motor controllers—Thermal trip Class 10, inrush protection (13 × Ir), IP20 finger-safe, lockable, off position, sealable cover, rated “Suitable as Motor Disconnect”
Accessories—NO/NC auxiliary contacts, busbar links, manual motor controller
The accessory busbar link enables power to be distributed from one source to multiple motors, thereby reducing wiring time and labor costs. Enclosures are offered alongside the Easy TeSys manual motor controller to help meet line-of-sight code regulations where a local disconnect is needed.

“We want Easy TeSys to be a starting point for smaller OEMs, panel builders, and similar growing industrial businesses; a tool that can help them streamline their inventory with quality motor control and protection products and compete for market share with larger companies,” says Tamara Riddick, e-commerce and digital tools marketing lead for Schneider Electric. “Allied is key to helping us cater to the core business needs of these small companies who are trying to get established in the marketplace. We have chosen distributors such as Allied to promote and carry our products because of their ability to keep these products in stock and have them readily available through e-commerce for customers to easily access them.”

Allied Electronics & Automation

Allied helps engineers, purchasers, maintainers, fleet and facility managers, and inventors build, maintain, and renew their machinery and technology and is an authorized distributor for Schneider Electric products. In addition to Easy TeSys, Allied stocks a full range of motor control and protection products and offers expert advice on industrial control technology and other design and manufacturing topics.


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