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ProMation Engineering Expands Its Valve-Mounting Options

ProMation announces additional options for constructing motor-operated valves for industrial flow control

Published: Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 12:00

(ProMation: Brooksville, FL) -- ProMation Engineering announces that it is expanding its direct mounting options for valves by adding multiple patterns to existing actuators and introducing new imperial mount patterns for its quarter turn actuators. The new valve mounting options will allow for more economical assemblies of valves and electric actuators by reducing the need for valve/actuator adaptor hardware.

“ProMation is very happy to be able to offer our customers additional direct mount options for a host of valve manufactures that use metric ISO 5211 mounting patterns by adding a second mount pattern to our most popular actuators,” says Patrick Ruggiero, the national sales manager for ProMation. “More important, we are introducing direct mount patterns for valve manufacturers using Imperial or English dimensions.”

By offering different mounting patterns on the dual acting quarter turn electric actuator product lines, ProMation’s customers will be able to:
• Decrease or eliminate the need for additional assembly hardware
• Allow for more compact and lighter assemblies
• Be more cost competitive when offering valve/actuator assemblies

The metric ISO 5211 dual mount actuators are available on the P1-P6 series of electric actuators. The Imperial mount patterns are currently available on the P1 and P1.A series while the P2-P8 series will be available in late spring. Mounting pattern dimensions and specifics can be found at promationei.com/mountingpatterns.pdf.

About ProMation Engineering

ProMation Engineering provides electrical actuators and flow-control devices for industrial applications and processes. The products are used in the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation, water treatment, chemical processing, pulp and paper, mining industries as well as emergency tunnel ventilation systems. Quarter turn, spring return, and linear actuators range in voltage from 12V DC to three phase 575V AC. ProMation holds standard and hazardous location certifications from CSA.


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