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Pilgrim Quality Solutions


Pilgrim Launches Mobile Audit Application With Offline Capabilities

Expedite audits and eliminate need to transcribe findings

Published: Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 10:26

(Pilgrim: Tampa, FL) -- Pilgrim Quality Solutions, a global provider of enterprise quality management software and services for life sciences, has introduced SmartSolve Mobile Audit, a mobile application created specifically to improve auditor productivity, particularly when conducting audits at remote manufacturing plants or laboratories. By allowing auditors to access and capture information with their smart phones and tablets, SmartSolve Mobile Audit eliminates the need to transcribe audit findings and expedites the completion of audits.

Given tight security controls at life science manufacturing facilities, visiting auditors often are not permitted access to on-location communication networks. Now, by using Mobile Audit, auditors can download audit details and templates onto their smart device before leaving their offices. Then, at the audit site, they will document results on to their smart device while working in an offline mode. Once auditors reconnect to their organizations’ networks, they will sync their findings back to the corporate SmartSolve Audit Management application, thus eliminating the need to reenter results upon returning to the office.

“Performing essential audit tasks on a mobile device increases auditor productivity by moving the entire audit process along more efficiently,” says Kari Miller, vice president of regulatory and product management at Pilgrim. “Now, whether in the field, on the manufacturing floor, or in a laboratory, auditors have the flexibility to conduct audits at any time, from anywhere, using the SmartSolve Mobile Audit application.”

SmartSolve Mobile Audit provides a streamlined interface for reviewing past audits, logging findings, writing auditor summaries, and recording meeting details on a portable, hand-held device. It also makes it easy to attach audit-related photos that serve as evidence. Mobile Audit seamlessly connects with SmartSolve’s enterprise quality management closed-loop processes, allowing audit findings to feed into CAPAs, supplier performance ratings, and other quality events.

“A large part of our operations are literally mobile, so OneBlood understands the efficiency and productivity gains that can be achieved through the application of mobile solutions,” says Judy Smith, senior vice president of quality and regulatory affairs at OneBlood. “Using SmartSolve Mobile Audit to conduct audits in the field will shorten audit cycle times and reduce audit documentation errors. Plus, the ability to perform audits on a mobile device in an offline mode, rather than needing to log into a corporate application, will be a great time-saver.”

In addition to expediting the audit processes, SmartSolve Mobile Audit includes security features that permit multiple auditors to share a single mobile device, each using his own personal, secure sign-in. These built-in features also allow system administrators to deactivate and clear a device if and when it’s no longer authorized for use, thereby providing added security.

“Mobility has transformed the way we work, and SmartSolve Mobile Audit allows quality system auditors to take advantage of this revolution by delivering secure, feature-rich mobile technology to support life science organizations’ critical quality and compliance management processes,” says Miller.


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Pilgrim Software Inc. is a developer and provider of enterprise risk, compliance, and quality management software (ERCQM) solutions for global organizations. Through its integrated platform, Pilgrim helps organizations manage industry and regulatory compliance, address potential risks, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Pilgrim has pioneered effective, integrated software solutions for the life science industries, as well as manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace and defense, and other nonFDA-regulated industries.