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MSI Data Introduces Advanced Inspection Reporting and Analytics for Service Pro Software

Updates improve insights for field service and equipment service operations

Published: Monday, January 18, 2021 - 17:11

(MSI Data: Milwaukee) -- MSI Data today introduced advanced inspection reporting and analytics to their leading field service management software, Service Pro. These new features make the powerful insights available in field inspection results simpler to access, review, analyze, and share.

Service companies that perform equipment inspections now have access to the data they need to boost field inspection productivity, facilitate compliance, and monitor inspection activities at scale, all from an easy-to-use field service management solution.

Service Pro MSI Data

“Companies that provide equipment inspections in the field have had to make do with manual, paper-based data collection that is nearly impossible to analyze,” says Geoff Surkamer, CEO of MSI. “With MSI's advanced inspection analytics, these companies could unlock innumerable business insights to help make 2021 their most profitable year ever.”

Inspection analytics builds on Service Pro Field Inspection Suite

The robust mobile, scheduling, form-building and equipment inspection capabilities in Service Pro allow users to more easily achieve industry compliance. For example, fire inspection companies must comply with NFPA fire codes, HVAC companies have to meet EPA’s refrigerant management requirements, and construction equipment dealers are required to comply with DOT regulations.

By using a dynamic field inspection mobile app, companies can standardize and enforce data collection on each inspector’s device. This ensures each inspection performed meets the industry requirements, and the company has the information needed to maintain compliance.

New reporting enhances field inspection results visibility

Service Pro now includes an intelligent new grid for visualizing and reporting upon results of mobile field inspections, and combining that with other key service data such as equipment, customers, and work orders.

With the new Service Pro inspection report, a full accounting of all inspections is simple and efficient. Users can compare all results of a specific inspection to identify patterns with a particular customer, technician, or service item, as well as export to Excel.

Leverage business intelligence to drive performance gains

New to Service Pro Business Intelligence (BI) is access to inspection results data. This allows companies to query, visualize, and analyze the information collected through inspections in near real time. Rather than simply collecting the information and viewing it report by report, the inspection results in Service Pro BI enable users to create visualizations that automatically update as new data is captured.

Being able to track inspection results has been crucial to improving the recovery mileage rate for Waukesha-Pearce Industries (WPI), a leader in the construction equipment industry. With more than 200,000 inspections in their Service Pro environment, WPI now has an easy way to analyze all their inspection data and automatically notify service managers when inspections aren’t performed with Service Pro BI.

WPI uses Service Pro to manage many types of inspections, including daily truck inspections which helps them to capture more billable truck mileage.

“We’ve seen roughly about a 20-percent increase in our truck recovery mileage since we’ve used Service Pro,” says David Palmer, CMD Project Manager at WPI. “By continuing to use this tool over time, we could see another 10-percent increase in our recovery rate.”


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