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TPAC Launches Powerful Phased Array and Advanced FMC/TFM Product for NDT

Total focusing methods exceed conventional imaging by optimally focusing at each point of the reconstruction zone

Published: Monday, May 6, 2019 - 12:00

(TPAC: West Chester, OH) -- The Phased Array Company (TPAC), experts in the field of ultrasonic nondestructive testing solutions, introduces the Pioneer, its new, powerful, and compact acquisition unit providing innovative phased array and advanced FMC/TFM technologies.

In order to respond to the growing need for faster and more accurate detection of material defects, TPAC has focused its strengths and high-level experience to exploit the best features of the latest ultrasonic technologies. In particular, total focusing methods (TFM) easily exceed conventional imaging by optimally focusing at each point of the reconstruction zone and therefore providing far superior image quality.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the Pioneer product range is available with unlimited hardware and software possibilities enabling its use with common phased array and TFM techniques as well as the most advanced approaches, such as PWI for fast acquisition, adaptive techniques for complex shape inspection, and nonlinear acoustic or arbitrary waveform generator for very accurate defect detection. Usual constraints encountered in ultrasonic testing, such as speed of data acquisition, data file size, signal to noise ratio, image reconstruction resolution, and size of the system itself, are no longer a problem with the Pioneer.

Ultra fast, with high resolution imaging and high quality application support, the Pioneer product range meets the requirements of all NDT users, such as service companies, integrators, manufacturing industries, R&D centers, and universities.

TPAC will exhibit the Pioneer range and its other latest innovations at Control, the international trade fair for quality assurance, in Stuttgart, Germany, from May 7–10, 2019. Come and visit our team of experts in Hall 6, booth 6520.



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TPAC is a company of professionals dedicated to facilitating your NDT projects. Building on years of advanced phased array ultrasonic testing experience, our team can support you in your NDT project from A to Z or only where you find necessary, customize hardware and software solutions, and define the best solution for your application based on traditional or advanced technologies.