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Product News: Biggest Metris Gantry CMM in History, 6 Meter Width

CMM has measurement volume of 6 m x 6 m x 3 m and 8 micron accuracy.

Published: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 10:51

(Metris: Leuven, Belgium) -- A leading aerospace manufacturer recently took delivery of one of the widest bridge style coordinate measuring machine (CMM) ever manufactured. Building on the 40-year heritage of the LK brand, Metris developed the gantry CMM, with a measurement volume of 6 m x 6 m x 3 m, to run geometry verification on large aerospace components and assemblies.

Unmatched in terms of dimensional stability

While the length of the measuring volume was well within the capability of many CMM manufacturers, the requirement for the superwide width meant that only Metris LK was able to provide a solution to meet the customer’s accuracy specifications.

The gantry style CMM performs with an accuracy of 8 mm, which could only be achieved by the use of ceramic guide ways for the beam and spindle components. Ceramic is an ideal material for metrology because it offers the ultimate in stiffness combined with low weight and excellent thermal properties. Used in combination with double air bearings that prevent torsion, this ceramic LK gantry CMM provides high and long-lasting measurement accuracy. In its final location, the granite rails will be positioned on a purpose built ‘U’ shaped concrete foundation in order to provide the 3 m vertical measurement range.

Long time experience with supersize CMMs

Metris’ long-time experience with engineering and manufacturing supersize CMMs was the customer’s prime reason to choose the Metris solution. On several visits to Metris LK installations, the customer was impressed with the CMM accuracy and reliability. Intensive collaboration with the customer enabled Metris to determine the final configuration and build the LK V 60.60.30 GP to perfectly match the customer’s application needs. A growing number of leading global companies such as Caterpillar, BAE Systems, Buhler and many others, rely on Metris LK to efficiently tackle their large-scale coordinate measurement metrology challenges in this way.

Metris offers a large portfolio of standard supersized CMM products, which can be customized and shaped into specific solutions to solve customers’ specific measurement problems.

Metris can be found on the web at www.metris.com.



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Metris designs, develops, and markets a unique range of 3-D hardware and software inspection systems servicing design and manufacturing industries.

The company’s reliable and innovative metrology solutions cover the full range of measurement volumes required by automotive and aerospace customers, in both fixed and portable configurations and with optical and touch sensors.

Metris headquarters are based in Leuven, Belgium, with additional production and development centers in the United States, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, and China. Metris provides a worldwide network of sales and support offices located in North America, Europe, and Asia. More information on Metris can be found on www.us.metris.com.