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Accurate Pattern is able to reduce customer nonconformances by inspecting patterns in-house
Optical Gaging Products OGP
OGP Starlight 150 vision system helps watchmaker measure small, complex watch parts without operator interpretation
John Toon
Detailed 3D data could help improve reliability and performance
Mark Esser
Much of its early work is baked into the U.S. economy, but NIST continues advancing measurement science
This nondestructive technology lends itself to leaner, faster testing

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Metrology News
OE720 optical emission spectrometer covers entire spectrum of elements in metal except for gases like oxygen and hydrogen
Digital solution combines real-time, remote insight with continuous monitoring and advanced data analytics
Online software for collecting measurements, visual-defect information, and pass/fail situations
Use X-Rite spectrophotometers to render digital material file for 3D design, production, and quality control teams
Simplifies workflows and enhances ease of use for manufacturing, assembly, and construction
IDS cameras help inspect up to 120 vials per minute for dimensional accuracy or surface condition
Marposs can now offer complete range of solutions for functional testing and end-of-line testing of any type of electric motor
Enables professionals and small businesses to improve product development, shorten time to market, reduce development costs
Inspect nozzle welds using phased array ultrasound testing techniques including ray-tracing, scanner simulation, coverage maps

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Jeff Bibee


Product Announcement: Werth Inspector FQ High-Speed CMM

CMM offers positioning speed of up to 1,000 meters/second.

Published: Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 12:09

(Werth Messtechnik: Old Saybrook, Connecticut) -- The Werth Inspector FQ is an extremely fast measuring machine with linear drives. Positioning speed is up to 1,000 meters/second with acceleration speed of 10 meters/second2. It comes standard with zoom optics and can be outfitted with additional sensors such as touch probes and laser scanning. For even faster utilization it can be used in the “Measure OnTheFly” mode, capturing measurement data while the machine remains in constant high-speed motion.


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