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Product Announcement: Metris Launches 7-axis MCA v2.5 Range of Articulated Arms

New arms have measuring envelope of 8- to 12-foot diameter.

Published: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - 14:36

(Metris: Leuven, Belgium) -- At Westec 2009 in Los Angeles (US), Metris launched the new 7-axis MCA v2.5 range of articulated arms with a spherical measurement envelope of between 8 and 12 feet (2.4 and 3.6 m) diameter. Battery operation and wireless data communication enable users to quickly set up the portable system and efficiently utilize it at any location. The MCA is part of an integrated solution that allows handheld inspection jobs to be tackled faster by combining top-class laser scanners and flexible touch probing.

Driven by a growing market demand for handheld scanning solutions, articulated measuring arms are increasingly equipped with laser scanners to realize a digital inspection process. The concept of digitizing samples up-front and running inspection on the digital copies of the samples offers distinct flexibility and automation benefits. Powerful handheld Metris solutions— combining an MCA with a digital ModelMaker laser scanner—provide a broader application scope, better ergonomics, and unparalleled productivity.

Stand-alone measuring arm

The MCA is a stand-alone metrology solution that can operate at any indoor and outdoor location. Users mount the arm quickly and securely using the integrated 3 ½ in. x 8 in. adaptor or a powerful magnetic base to reliably clamp the arm to metal surfaces. A charged battery provides hours of measurement autonomy for both the arm and scanner. Wireless data transmission swiftly transfers individual point coordinates or point clouds to a laptop. This ensures that the focus is on the inspection job rather than wasting valuable time on resolving setup issues. The resulting graphical reports provide geometric insight on the spot, or can be consulted at any convenient time.

Quick and repeatable sensor exchange

The 7-axis MCA offers the possibility to combine laser scanning and tactile measurement in a single inspection job. When switching between probe tips, the MCA avoids human error through automatic probe recognition. Metris also redesigned the patent-pending floating probe to further enhance ergonomics. To facilitate pipe bending measurement, the MCA now supports a range of laser forks.

Improved ergonomics

MCA features premium encoder technology, optimized tube-length ratios, a counter balance for lightweight handling, and an ergonomic handgrip with integrated buttons to guarantee smooth and accurate operation. The magnetic brake is an ergonomic feature that guarantees effortless operation during prolonged scanning tasks. In addition, the MCA automatically activates the magnetic brake to establish smooth parking of the arm in a secure resting position.

A complete all-Metris solution

Digitizing entire parts and processing the acquired point clouds in Focus Inspection speeds up every step in the digital inspection process, from straightforward data capture to evaluating geometry using graphic comparison reports. Metris supplies a complete handheld scanning solution, including the MCA articulated arm, a top-class digital ModelMaker scanner, and fully-featured point cloud processing software. A one-stop-shop offering fully integrated metrology solutions provides the best guarantee for smooth and reliable system operation and solid product support.

Contact Peggy Long, Marketing Manager: (810) 220-4360


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Metris designs, develops, and markets a unique range of 3-D hardware and software inspection systems servicing design and manufacturing industries.

The company’s reliable and innovative metrology solutions cover the full range of measurement volumes required by automotive and aerospace customers, in both fixed and portable configurations and with optical and touch sensors.

Metris headquarters are based in Leuven, Belgium, with additional production and development centers in the United States, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy, and China. Metris provides a worldwide network of sales and support offices located in North America, Europe, and Asia. More information on Metris can be found on www.us.metris.com.