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New Flexbar LiteSurf Surface Roughness Tester

Transmitting surface measurements made easy

Published: Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 10:59

(Flexbar Machine Corp.: Islandia, NY) - - The new LiteSurf system from Flexbar Machine Corp. features integrated Bluetooth and USB connection to Android smartphones, tablets, and PCs, allowing a quick and easy way to transmit surface roughness measurements. Thanks to the Roughness Studio Basic app, information can easily be stored and shared.

With this sophisticated handheld instrument, it is possible to measure surface roughness details in multiple positions horizontally, vertically, below, and above. Through use of the 90 degree laterally rotatable preloaded probe, each area of the piece is measurable. A range of interchangeable accessory probes is also available for special measurement applications. 

The body of the LiteSurf is machined from a solid block of a light alloy. Its ABS plastic shell guarantees high rigidity with high impact resistance. The device’s integrated refill management system guarantees an autonomy of 10 hours of work time and at least 300 measurements within a 50-minute period.

Salient features:
• Connectivity: integrated Bluetooth and USB connection
• Flexibility: measure zones horizontally, vertically, up, down, or sideways
• Reporting: connects to laptops or tablets via the Roughness Studio Base app
• Battery life: Full charge in 50 minutes, guaranteed 10 hours of work

For additional information and a free catalog, contact Flexbar Machine Corp., 250 Gibbs Road, Islandia, NY 11749; phone (800) 879-7575; fax (631) 582-8487.


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