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Jan. 27, 2022, at 9 a.m. Pacific; Feb. 24, 2022, at 8 a.m. Pacific
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High image quality with low doses at fast scanning speeds for enhanced patient safety and experience

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Marposs and Bruderer Machinery Partner on Automated Ram Height Adjustment Solution

Feature uses special control algorithms to carry out a step-by-step adjustment of the ram height

Published: Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 12:00

(Marposs: Auburn Hills, MI) -- Marposs and Bruderer Machinery North America have established a partnership that enables Bruderer presses to be sold with an integrated Marposs Brankamp process-monitoring solution. It features an automated ram height adjustment. Developed cooperatively, this feature uses control algorithms to carry out a step-by-step adjustment of the ram height.

The system automatically compensates for variation in sheet thickness, material hardness, tool and machine temperature, and speed during the manufacturing process. Monitoring systems are an effective method to gain insight into the forming process and its stability, to detect production faults and quality deviations, and if necessary, intervene in the machine to control it (ram height adjustment).

The Marposs’ Brankamp monitoring systems for sheet metal processing (stamping, drawing, coining, piercing, blanking, and bending) protect the machine and tool from overloads, and detect process disturbances such as feed failures, rising slugs, and punch or die breakage. The systems provide 100-percent monitoring of each individual stroke. This helps to identify manufacturing faults as well as part or tool variations, which enables manufacturers to optimize machine efficiency, improve part quality, and limit unplanned downtime and tooling costs.

Bruderer Machinery’s SBT line of presses, featuring patented technology, are available with speeds of up to 2,500 strokes per minute and 250 tons capacity. These systems are suited for a variety of applications, including components for the automotive, electronics, and food service industries. The presses are available with optimized feeders and controls, along with support for planning complete production systems.

For more information on the Brankamp line of monitoring systems for forming applications, visit www.brankamp.com. Brankamp, founded in 1977 and acquired by Marposs in 2012, is a Marposs Monitoring Solutions brand marketed through the Marposs worldwide network.

Information on Bruderer Machinery can be found at www.brudereramericas.com.


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