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Honeywell Scholarship Aims to Reinvigorate Houston Students About Engineering Careers

“You can’t get green without engineers,” technology executive tells students

Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 10:56

(Honeywell: Houston) -- Honeywell, one of the top automation technology suppliers to several Gulf Coast facilities, has announced a scholarship to help re-energize Houston Independent School District students about pursuing careers in engineering.

Aside from financial assistance, however, the Honeywell Engineer of the Future Scholarship program also aims to help dispel myths about the engineering field and show students that engineers will play a vital role in making the world more environmentally sustainable.

“Many people equate fields like chemical engineering to older industries such as the hydrocarbon industry, but the fact is, this planet needs engineers to create and drive new industries that will help to save our environment,” says Honeywell executive Norm Gilsdorf.

Speaking recently at the Cheminnovations Conference and Expo’s keynote address, Gilsdorf, the president of Honeywell’s Process Solutions division and a chemical engineer by trade, announced the $2,500 scholarship would be open to all high school seniors in the Houston Independent School District and be paid to the winner’s engineering school for the 2011-2012 school year. Students must write a personal essay discussing how they would use an engineering career to make the world a better place and more sustainable. In attendance were students from the High School for the Engineering Professions (HSEP), which is the engineering magnet school for Booker T. Washington High School.

“Alternative fuels and clean energy sources are born in places like chemical engineering laboratories, which makes the need for chemical engineering students all the more urgent. Engineers are critical to our planet’s future, and the purpose of this scholarship is to help raise awareness of this important fact. You can’t get ‘green’ without engineers,” Gilsdorf said during the event.

Gilsdorf also spoke at length about the many career opportunities open to engineers, using his own background as an example. After receiving his chemical engineering degree from Purdue University and working as a chemical engineer for several years, Gilsdorf leveraged his technical knowledge to lead sales and business development efforts for UOP LLC, which serves the refining, gas process, and petrochemical industries. UOP was eventually acquired by Honeywell, where Gilsdorf rose through the ranks to become general manager for HPS’ business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), based in the United Kingdom. He became Honeywell’s Process Solutions division president in 2009.

For more information about the Honeywell Engineer of the Future Scholarship, visit www.facebook.com/HoneywellStudentEngineers.


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Honeywell International,headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, is a Fortune 100 diversified technology developer and manufacturer serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes, and industry; automotive products; turbochargers; and specialty materials. Honeywell Sensing and Control, (sensing.honeywell.com) based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, is a developer, manufacturer, and full service provider of custom engineered sensors, switches, machine safeguarding, and other devices for OEM applications in the medical, industrial, transportation, aerospace, and test and measurement segments.