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High-Resolution ToF Sensor Works in All Light Conditions Without Motion Artifacts

Teledyne e2v releases Hydra3D+

Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2023 - 12:58

(Teledyne e2v: Grenoble, France) -- Teledyne e2v, a part of Teledyne Technologies, has released its Hydra3D+, a new time-of-flight (ToF) CMOS image sensor that incorporates 832 x 600 pixel resolution and is tailored for versatile 3D detection and measurement.

Designed with Teledyne e2v’s proprietary CMOS technology, Hydra3D+ features a new 10 µm three-tap pixel, which provides fast transfer times (starting from 10 ns) and displays high sensitivity in the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength alongside excellent demodulation contrast. This precise combination enables the sensor to operate in real time without motion artifacts (even if there are fast-moving objects in the scene) and with excellent temporal noise at short ranges, essential in applications such as pick and place, logistics, factory automation, and factory safety. An innovative on-chip multisystem management feature enables the sensor to work alongside multiple active systems without interference that can lead to false measurements.

The excellent sensitivity of Hydra3D+ enables it to effectively manage lighting power and handle a wide range of reflectivity. Its high resolution, with powerful on-chip, high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging, features an on-the-fly flexible configuration and enables the best trade-off between application-level parameters, such as distance range, object reflectivity, and frame rate. This makes it ideal for mid- and long-range distances, and outdoor applications such as automated guided vehicles, surveillance, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and building construction.

The sensor has been thoughtfully designed for customers seeking real-time and flexible 3D detection with uncompromised 3D performance. It offers large field-of-view scenes captured in both 2D and 3D by a compact sensor that makes the system cost effective.

“Today, many time-of-flight sensors suffer from motion artifacts and can’t instantly perform in changing operating conditions,” says Ha Lan Do Thu, marketing manager for 3D imaging at Teledyne e2v. “With Hydra3D+, our customers can easily achieve reliable 3D measurement with the highest levels of 3D performance, uncompromised image quality in both 2D and 3D modes, and in all distance ranges and conditions, even where multiple systems operate or in outdoor environments.”

Documentation, samples, and development tools are now available upon request. In addition, there are several proprietary modeling tools to support customers in their assessment of Hydra3D+’s operation.


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