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GageList Mobile for iOS and Android Revolutionizes Gauge Calibration

Simple, portable, easy-to-perform calibration management with zero training

Published: Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 12:00

(GageList: Houston, TX) -- GageList, the world’s fastest-growing calibration management software, announces the release of GageList Mobile for iOS and Android. The app went live in the App Store and Google Play on March 8, 2019, and was introduced to the quality management industry at the 27th Annual ISO 9000 World Conference in San Antonio, Texas, on March 11, 2019.

There are hundreds of industries and millions of organizations across the globe where calibration data is critical to quality management. The calibration management system space is dominated by complex desktop platforms that charge expensive seat licenses and require extensive training to operate. GageList identified an opportunity to bring calibration management into the 21st century by offering a simple cloud-based SaaS platform with a user-friendly cost structure. GageList Mobile extends the GageList service model and allows easy, real-time gauge management with or without internet access.

While other platforms charge on a per-user basis, creating workflow bottlenecks, reinforcing silos, and forcing users to adapt their calibration programs to fit their systems, GageList allows unlimited users and customizable permissions on all accounts, so multiple users—including auditors—can collaborate on a single gauge list in real time.

The GageList Mobile app lets users manage gauges in remote locations (perfect for offshore rigs, large manufacturing facilities, pipelines, telecom sites, and more). It uses the camera in the user’s smart device to pull up gauge records by scanning a barcode on the individual gauge, instead of manually searching, as on most calibration management system products.

A chief drawback of most calibration management system products is complexity. They tend to be loaded with features that never get used and require costly, time-consuming training. GageList is built on the idea that software should be so simple and intuitive that training is not required; GageList Mobile can be downloaded, opened, and used immediately with zero training.

GageList is not a stripped-down, “lightweight” calibration management system. It offers all the functions the others do, including automated scheduling and notifications, customizable calibration certificates, label printing, compliance support, auditing, and vendor records. The GageList difference is making those functions simple, portable, and easy to perform.

GageList Mobile is free with any paid GageList subscription. Visit https://gagelist.com/pricing for a complete pricing chart for all SaaS plans.
Download for iOS and for Android. Get the full GageList experience at https://gagelist.com/.

GageList is a product of Espresso Moon, a Houston-based custom software house that has developed more than a thousand bespoke software applications, primarily for quality management, industrial process management, data management, and business process improvement. Learn more at www.EspressoMoon.com.


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GageList is the revolutionary cloud-based gage management software that is changing calibration worldwide. Unlike establishment platforms, GageList allows unlimited users on all accounts and gives you the power of total collaboration with a companion mobile app for iOS and Android. GageList has pricing plans for any size organization, including free. Easy to migrate, simple to launch, no training required.

GageList is a product of Espresso Moon, a world-class developer of custom industrial software applications. Our leaders are real-world QHSE experts and proven software engineers with decades of experience solving the kinds of management challenges you face in your company. We’ve developed over a thousand bespoke software solutions, most focused on business process automation. On that foundation we’ve built a simple, easy to use calibration solution that’s trusted around the world by Fortune 500 companies and private companies alike.