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Ampacet LIAD Introduces Spectro 4.0 QC Solutions

Innovative in-line, continuous color-management systems

Published: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 11:57

(Ampacet: Tarrytown, NY) -- Ampacet LIAD introduces Spectro 4.0 Smart Technologies, a lineup of innovative continuous, in-line QC solutions for color management. The first of two products in the lineup is Spectro 4.0 Smart, a color measurement system for extrusion and molding processes that helps customers control the cost of quality due to color variations, using real-time color data for QC analytics and color optimization.

Spectro 4.0 Smart ensures every part meets color specifications through Industry 4.0 advances, such as optical real-time and in-line monitoring, by using a fiberoptic probe that can be positioned within the production line. The system automatically adjusts for color variations even when using PCR and regrind materials, and operates within tight color tolerances to reduce color use and costs.

Spectro 4.0 Smart

“Parts can now be measured instantly, thanks to a fiberoptic sensor that communicates real-time color data,” says Doug Brownfield, commercial director at CISystems/LIAD. “Spectro 4.0 Smart enables companies to reduce the cost of quality due to color issues, and facilitates collection of historical data to improve future productivity.”

Spectro 4.0 Smart operates in real time on the production line to provide immediate and actionable color management. The system’s differential spectrophotometer compares the color of the new product to a reference color in real time. Multiple and interchangeable probes will be available for simultaneous, multipoint measurement of haze, opacity, reflection, and transmission, and to allow selection from differential or absolute testing modes. The in-line system, designed to work in harsh industrial environments, also includes automatic built-in calibration against drifts and ambient illumination. A cloud capability is available for off-site tracking and alerts.

Spectro 4.0 Smart connects with another product in the Spectro 4.0 lineup, Ampacet LIAD’s patented SpectroMetric system, a major advance in color accuracy technology. SpectroMetric integrates all of the benefits of the Spectro 4.0 in-line spectrometer with the SpectroMetric in-line continuous color correction system. It incorporates the ColorSave 1000 masterbatch feeder to adjust masterbatch dosing automatically, in real time, to ensure color consistency.

SpectroMetric runs on L*a*b* specifications, not on set LDRs, and continually monitors for the lowest possible colorant-use rates to maintain correct color specifications—even when running PCR or regrind.

The result is a system that seamlessly feeds, tests, monitors, and corrects without human intervention, supporting lights-out operation.

Other benefits obtained when using Spectro 4.0 QC solutions include color-production line standardization in multiple facilities, regardless of manufacturing location; minimal maintenance; elimination of lot-to-lot variations in color commonly associated with increased use of PCR or regrind; and operation within extremely tight tolerances, which enables prediction and maintenance of lower masterbatch levels.

For product information, contact Doug Brownfield, douglas.brownfield@ampacet.com.

About CISystems

CISystems Color Integration, an Ampacet business unit created to radically change the way manufacturers use color in their products and processes, offers color management options to help customers improve production efficiencies, reduce waste, and achieve sustainability goals. CISystems applies Industry 4.0 innovations based on patented technology developed by LIAD Weighing and Control Systems, a pioneer in plastic manufacturing technologies and a leading developer of feeders, blenders, and quality control equipment.

About Ampacet

Founded in 1937, Ampacet Corp. is a leading global masterbatch supplier committed to designing innovative custom color, special effect, high-performance and sustainable products and solutions. Ampacet also manufactures a proprietary line of machinery and feeders for the plastic industry aimed at improving efficiencies in plastics manufacturing.

Headquartered in Tarrytown, New York, Ampacet employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, with 25 manufacturing sites including technical and color development centers in 18 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe. For more information, visit ampacet.com.


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