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Aftermarket Program to Retrofit CMMs with Five-Axis Renishaw PH20 Touch-Trigger System

Compact design, faster calibration, improved metrology, and infinite positioning

Published: Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 14:06

(Wenzel/Xspect Solutions Inc.: Wixom, MI) -- Xspect Solutions has installed more Renishaw REVO systems than any other coordinate measuring machine (CMM) specialist. Their unique approach to technology and experience with the universal CMM controller (UCC) has put them in an ideal position to also be the leading provider in the United States for the new Renishaw PH20 system on new or used CMMs.

Wenzel/Xspect Solutions has the largest used (Xsperienced) CMM machine shop in North America for rebuilding and remanufacturing all makes of CMMs. “The introduction of the new Renishaw PH20 five-axis touch-trigger system is providing us with new market opportunities for our aftermarket business because the PH20 has the effect of prolonging the life of many older CMMs by improving their throughput by two to three times,” says Bryn Edwards, vice president of aftermarket for Wenzel/Xspect Solutions.

“Xspect Solutions’ broad experience with the Renishaw REVO system ideally positions us to apply the benefits of the PH20 to all sizes of CMMs giving the user more throughput because of increased capability and flexibility,” Edwards explains. “The PH20 has a compact design and provides faster calibration, improved metrology and infinite positioning. The unique PH20 head allows measurement points to be taken using only the head and not the CMM structure.”

The five-axis controlled motion between features eliminates indexing time thus improving the throughput and allowing larger parts to be measured on the same CMM by minimizing the space required around the part for head rotation. Because the PH20 automatically aligns itself with the part coordinate system, stylus collisions are avoided. The ultimate accuracy of measurement is improved with the PH20 because it uses feature orientation-based calibration and head touches.

The PH20 system uses the industry standard TP20 stylus probe module with a standard reach of 200 mm. It uses the Renishaw UCC controller with I++ DME communication to a wide range of metrology software. Most existing programs can be accommodated.


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The WENZEL Group GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of metrology solutions. The wide range of WENZEL products include solutions in the fields of coordinate measuring machines, gear metrology, computed tomography, design, die making, and reverse engineering. The main customers are in the automotive and aerospace industries, mechanical engineering, electrical motor manufacturing, and subcontractors to these sectors. The company has 16 subsidiaries worldwide and sales and service partners in more than 50 countries.