Industrial and Quality Control Inspection: One Software to Rule Them All

Nikon’s CMM Manager retrofits CMMs, measuring microscopes, and vision systems to maximize efficiency and ROI

Ryan E. Day

September 17, 2019

The pressure of global commerce has forced manufacturers to provide higher quality products at lower prices. Investing wisely in industrial inspection solutions has never been more crucial. Quality control, once perceived as a cost-center, has matured into a tool to improve profit margins. “Investing wisely” is a key concern here.

Making sure investment dollars turn the best ROI is incumbent upon every organization’s QA, QC, and engineering department. One way to do that is upgrade the capabilities of current hardware by investing in industrial inpsection software that can integrate with diverse inspection equipment throughout your facility.

In this QD Tech Talk videocast, we look at Nikon Metrology’s CMM-Metrology, a multisensor inspection software that runs on nearly all manual, CNC, and portable CMMs.

We also demo an MM-800 manual microscope as well as an iNevix vision system. We’ll see how CMM-Manager works with both of them, and a wide variety of other equipment. This allows for organizations to get the most from one software running multiple inspection tools.

“We’re interfacing to the scales on this much like we would with a traditional CMM and with a digital camera. So, we’re able to perform measurements in the traditional sense with a crosshair, but also with edge detection and pattern recognition, and all of the bells and whistles that you normally get only on a motorized system.”
—Nate Frost, product manager application software, Nikon Metrology

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