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ETQ Promotes John Taylor to Chief Technology Officer, and Additional Leaders to Executive Team

Action strengthens team for continued product innovation and industry leadership

Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - 10:59

(ETQ: Burlington, MA) -- ETQ, part of Hexagon, has appointed John Taylor, its former senior vice president of engineering and operations, to chief technology officer (CTO), effective immediately. In this new role, Taylor will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of ETQ Reliance, the company’s industry-leading, cloud-native quality management system (QMS).

Taylor replaces ETQ’s co-founder and CTO, Morgan Palmer, who is transitioning out of the CTO role to pursue personal interests.

ETQ also has added ETQ’s vice president of product management, Jamie Fernandes, to the ETQ executive team, expanding his role to include corporate strategy and long-term product direction. Both Jamie and John will continue to evolve ETQ Reliance, along with ETQ’s chief architect, Heera Sharma, who has played a strategic role in the growth of the ETQ’s advanced QMS solution.

“Over the past four years, Taylor has been instrumental in the transformation of ETQ’s engineering organization, leading major initiatives, such as the development of Reliance NXG and the implementation of our agile development process,” says Rob Gremley, CEO, ETQ. “Because of his proven vision and deep understanding of the technology innovation that will drive the next era in data-driven quality, we’re confident that he will fill the big shoes left by our former CTO, Morgan Palmer.”

Taylor has 30 years of software development and senior leadership experience. Prior to joining ETQ in 2018, he was the senior vice president with PTC, where he led the software development team responsible for the development and maintenance of its IoT platform and other solutions. Taylor previously held strategic positions with Axeda Corp., including vice president of research and development and director of engineering.

Since Jamie Fernandes joined ETQ in 2021, he has transformed ETQ’s product management team and processes into a highly visionary and collaborative organization that works closely with engineering. He brings more than 20 years of experience in software as a service (SaaS), marketing automation, human capital management (HCM) platforms, product portfolio management (PPM), and cybersecurity. Prior to joining ETQ, he held senior-level product positions with Mimecast, Sophos, Sermos, and other technology companies.

“I’m very proud of ETQ’s growth and accomplishments over the past 30 years, and I couldn’t be more pleased with its decision to appoint John Taylor as my successor,” says Morgan Palmer, the former CTO.  “ETQ Reliance is well positioned to lead the way in data-driven, connected quality for key industries, such as manufacturing and life sciences, and I’m confident that John, Jamie, Heera, and the rest of the executive team will lead ETQ Reliance to new heights when it comes to product innovation and autonomous quality.”


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