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Conscious: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life

Why not be the one with your head lights on while others are driving in the dark?

Published: Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 12:00

(Wiley: Hoboken, NJ) -- Our world is changing faster than our ability to adapt. Ambushed by speed and complexity, we face uncertainty with fear and mistrust. Organizations are not adapting well either. Seventy percent of change efforts fail; obsession with short-term results undermine long-term success. Inside communities there’s diminishing trust in our institutions and a growing inability to solve our social problems. The primary culprit for these maladies is our lack of awareness.

Conscious, by Bob Rosen and Emma-Kate Swann (Wiley, 2018), is your personal road map through transformation—helping you adapt, to be aware and accountable. Being conscious helps us think deeper, learn faster, and collaborate better. Why not be the one with your head lights on while others are driving in the dark?

Inside this book are ideas drawn from psychology, biology, management, leadership, neuroscience, and behavioral economics. It also goes beyond emotional intelligence to examine the broader capabilities needed to survive and thrive.

Bob Rosen and Healthy Companies, experts on leadership and transformation, have revealed a profound truth about modern-day change: The most successful people, at all levels of society, follow four powerful practices of being conscious:
• Go deep—discover your inner self.
• Think big—see a world of possibilities.
• Get real—be honest and intentional.
• Step up—act boldly and responsibly.

Markets are changing faster than organizations can reinvent themselves. Executives are being questioned about their ability to lead change in the future. There’s a growing gap between the leaders we have and the leaders we need, and disruptive forces stand in our way. Let’s look at the six main disruptors we experience every day.

No. 1. Speed: While speed creates excitement and many new opportunities, it can easily toss us off balance. We can become overwhelmed and exhausted. We can sabotage ourselves by insisting on perfection, setting unrealistic goals, overworking our bodies, or burning out.

No. 2. Uncertainty: We want to believe that we will find comfort in the predictable, but it doesn’t exist. Brexit changed the future of Europe, the stock market alters retirements daily, jobs no longer last a year, and no segment of business is immune from the power of disruption. We need to accept change as inevitable and develop the ability to navigate in a world of impermanence. But how do you stay grounded in all that unpredictability?

No. 3. Complexity: How do you navigate through all the knowledge, choices, and diversity in our lives? Our natural response is to create clarity in the face of confusion. But with massive amounts of knowledge, we quickly oversimplify complex issues and overcomplicate simple choices, both of which activate our biases and prejudices.

No. 4. Technology: It’s too easy to fall into the internet’s version of a black hole, pushing people to see the world through an increasingly narrow lens.

No. 5. Competition: History is littered with people and companies, from Lance Armstrong to Wells Fargo, all of whom fell from grace because of an overly competitive spirit. How do we find purpose and meaning in a world of powerful competitive urges?

No. 6. Globalization: First there were explorers, then there were shipping lanes, and then business went global. Today we are a click away from anyone in the world. We are all global citizens as money, markets, people, and communities are interconnected. How do we succeed individually while thriving as one global planet and society?

These six disruptors impact countries, companies, and communities alike. What we don’t talk about is the impact they have on you, personally. At any moment in time, these forces can have a positive or negative effect on you, and fundamentally alter the way you live and work. Like winds of change, they occur all at once, stopping, starting, swirling, and combining to take us places we’ve never been before.

On the bright side, embedded in every challenge is an opportunity. How you respond to these forces can be energizing and create unlimited opportunities, or they can be demoralizing and sabotage your best efforts. How conscious you are of yourself, your relationships, and your surroundings will make all the difference.


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