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ASC Announces Launch Of 2020-2023 North American Market Report for Adhesives and Sealants

Includes global overview and new additive manufacturing section

Published: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 11:00

(ASC: Alexandria, VA) -- The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) has announced the release of the 2020–2023 North American Market Report for Adhesives & Sealants (NAMR) will be available for pre-sales purchase on March 23 and fulfillment in April 2021. The report was produced in partnership with The ChemQuest Group Inc., a global business strategy and external technology development firm with focus and expertise specific to the specialty chemicals markets, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, and an ASC Affiliate Member.

The report is available for pre-ordering at ASC’s online storefront and will be ready for fulfillment in April 2021.

You can view a free webinar that provides an excellent overview of the report from the author as well as an overview of a powerful market forecasting tool that is also available (see below).

Special promotion for 2021

Free ITR Market Forecasting Tool. This powerful forecasting tool helps companies forecast sales with a five month to one year outlook* in a specific market or sector using 101 key metrics specifically chosen for the adhesives and sealants industry. The first 25 ASC members that purchase the NAMR will receive one free license per member company through April 2022 to this powerful tool. View a free webinar with more details. Not an ASC member? Learn more here .

The report features in-depth interviews, uncovering buying factors, technology trends, unmet needs, growth drivers and insights into competitive joining techniques.

“This ASC market report on North America is the perfect resource to understand the global size of the adhesive and sealant market and then further understand the driving forces across important market segments, forecasted growth rates, trends with chemistry and technology and key applications and product use as well as mergers and acquisitions, regulatory drivers and trends in the Retail Building and Construction and Automotive and Packaging markets”, notes Steve Duren, Managing Director at ASC.

Coverage includes the scope by end market, by technology, and by geographic region (via an expanded table of contents) as well as a 2020–2023 overview of mega and macro trends & drivers, the competitive landscape and market dynamics. The report is a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics that are intended to assist stakeholders in the adhesive and sealant market a reliable way to better understand and make business decisions that parallel the definitions and market segmentation used by ASC, FECIA and CATIA in the new Joint Harmonization Manual

Key sections

**NEW** Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is a rapidly growing industry. Double-digit annual growth is expected for the AM market through 2023. Adhesives will become more important to incorporating AM components into assemblies and end products. AM designers and adhesive R&D teams should collaborate to find suitable bonding solutions. ASC’s 2020–2023 North American Market Report will provide the A&S value chain with the information they’ll need for this collaborative effort in the Transportation and Assembly Operations.

Geographic Scope: The Adhesive and Sealant Council’s North American Adhesives and Sealants Market Report defines the current marketplace in volume and value, and forecasts growth over a three-year period (2020-2023).

Industry Technology & Market Focus: Harmonized with FEICA’s European Market Report and the Asia ARAC market study on segment market definitions. Market data is organized similarly across adhesive and sealant technologies and end-use markets for your convenience.

Additional main sections include:
• Global Market Size and Volume & Global Market Dynamics
• Key Customer Selection Decision Criteria
• Transportation and break out on key sub segments
  °**NEW** Learn key advantages for using additive manufacturing (3D printing) in legacy part reproduction, tooling for high volume manufacturing, and customized transportation products (with charts).
• Board & Related Products & key sub segments
  °**NEW** Flexible Packaging Chapter
• Assembly Operations & key sub segments
  °**NEW** Learn how 3D printed rough surfaces affect adhesives end users’ approach to bonding, the adhesive forms that are most compatible with industrialized additive manufacturing (AM) methods, and product application factors that determine success for adhesive use in assembly operations (with charts).
• Building & Construction & key sub segments
  °**NEW** Composites use in construction, including applications such as structural strengthening, composite rebar, composite bridge, composite wind towers, and subsea components.
• Woodworking & Joinery & key sub segments
• A section dedicated to sealants and chemistry types
• DIY/Retail, e-commerce (including new COVID-19 buying trends such as social commerce) and distribution

The report is available for pre-ordering at ASC’s online storefront and will be ready for delivery April 2021.


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