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Jack Dunigan


Series: The 16 Traits of Good Employees

Published: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 11:44

What Do You Call Quietly Capable People Who Help You Succeed?

Hire people who can solve problems, not create more

Failure is an event, not a way of life

Emotional and Psychological Security
Emotionally secure people are not rare, but they are in demand

Personal and Corporate Loyalty
If you expect employees to have your back, you’d better have theirs

Creativity stems from countless sources; take care not to thwart it

Clear the Chaos

A heavenly virtue that drives other excellent qualities

Prudent people see more than the next step

A sensitive employee is one who can discern and respond to subtlety

Skills and Temperament
Determine the type of worker best suited for a position, and hire accordingly

Honest employees make the company strong

No matter who signs the paycheck, you’re always working for yourself

Valuable employees can read the ground, learn what it says, and respond appropriately

Leave workers with initiative be, or they’ll be gone

Make these mentoring attributes part of your training methodology

Cooperation and courtesy are hallmarks of this trait


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Jack Dunigan

For more than four decades, Jack Dunigan has been leading, consulting, training, and writing. His experience is varied and comprehensive. His training and consulting clients are as varied as the Chief Justice of the Navajo Supreme Court to a top-rated campsite management company. But his advice is not merely academic. His blog, www.ThePracticalLeader.com, is focused on practical advice for leaders and managers of businesses, corporations, nonprofit agencies, families, organizations, departments, anywhere and anytime a person leads others. His latest book is Three Absolutely Necessary, Always Present Skills of an Effective, Successful Leader (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2012).