Harnessing Digital Power in the Quest for Excellence

ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit will help professionals draft a transformational blueprint


September 14, 2020

You already know that technological advances of the past decade have resulted in a new industrial revolution often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. It’s a revolution driven by the exponential growth of disruptive technologies and the changes those technologies are bringing to the workplace, the workforce, and the markets organizations serve.

With ever-increasing speed, quality professionals are arriving at the intersection of digital transformation with their responsibilities and may be best positioned within their organizations to serve in a leadership role to harness the power of digital in the quest for excellence. There’s never been a better time to learn about and embrace the concept of Quality 4.0.

Quality 4.0 is a term that references the future of quality and organizational excellence within the context of Industry 4.0. Quality professionals can play a vital role in leading their organizations to apply proven quality disciplines to new, digital, and disruptive technologies.

By aligning quality practices with the digital environment, Quality 4.0 connects people to machines and machines to data. Companies that successfully navigate a digital transformation see significant value-chain improvements across customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and company culture, but the number of enterprises currently embracing Quality 4.0 remains low. The reason? Drafting a successful Quality 4.0 plan can be complicated, with many quality professionals unsure or even unaware of the tools required to frame out the project. What’s more, Quality 4.0 initiatives are typically led by IT or engineering departments rather than quality teams, preventing effective change from the ground up.

In response to the quality community’s keen interest for a dedicated learning opportunity focused on the intersection of quality and digital transformation, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) introduced an annual Quality 4.0 Summit in 2017. Now in its fourth year, the 2020 Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit brings together quality professionals and organizations to learn how to map a surefire digital transformation strategy and become architects of a resilient, successful project that is built to last.

Scaling the 2020 Quality 4.0 Summit, virtually

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, ASQ’s Technical Program Committee and staff have worked hard and at lightning speed to transform our industry-leading events into innovative digital experiences, including this year’s summit. Attendees can expect to experience enhanced networking opportunities, keynote presentations, and high-caliber concurrent sessions, all in a safe virtual environment with learning opportunities available whenever, and wherever, quality professionals may be located.

Building on ASQ members’ experiences and feedback from our first-ever virtual conference held earlier this year, the Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit will feature several innovative opportunities to connect quality professionals with peers and thought leaders—plus many engagement opportunities unique to a remote event. Attendees can live chat with concurrent session speakers, engage in interactive opening session polling and surveys, and hold peer-to-peer conversation via the Virtual Summit app and live event platform throughout the summit. Lunch and Learn sessions will explore trends in culture and technology as well as a preview of an exciting new benchmarking tool from the newly formed ASQE. Don’t miss the Virtual Happy Hour featuring live trivia.

Where to begin your summit ascent?

ASQ’s 2020 Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit offers two full days of learning opportunity on Sept. 29–30, 2020, with a bonus day of events available on Monday, Sept. 28, 2020.

To level-set attendee contextual knowledge of Quality 4.0, the summit will kick off with a general session exploring concepts, terms, and enterprise prerequisites affiliated with Quality 4.0.

Quality professionals new to the concepts of Quality 4.0, those seeking to enhance their understanding, and professionals seeking to progress their organizations’ applied use of Quality 4.0 principles will benefit from defined facets of Industry 4.0 and Quality 4.0, and an improved understanding of their impact on quality professionals’ job descriptions and roles.

Quality professionals new to the concept of Quality 4.0 aren’t alone. A 2019 study conducted by ASQ and the Boston Consulting Group revealed that only 16 percent of organizations surveyed have implemented Quality 4.0 initiatives, and 63 percent have not started planning. To request a copy of the research report, “Quality 4.0 Takes More Than Technology,” click here.

Drafting a digital transformation blueprint

Under the 2020 Quality 4.0 Summit theme, “Drafting a Digital Transformation Blueprint,” ASQ’s technical program committee reviewed, evaluated, and selected from more than 70 content session proposals aligned with four focus areas.

The Quality 4.0 framework: Explores Quality 4.0 and how will it impact quality professionals and organizations. Summit attendees will discover the building blocks of Quality 4.0, including common terms and definitions as well as implementation plans necessary for a successful program. Sessions include:

• Is Quality 4.0 Moving on Without You?
• Why Digital Is Not Enough: Finding Value with Quality 4.0
• Quality 4.0—Strategy Map for a Quantum Leap

Human vs. artificial intelligence: “The Juncture of People and Tech” recognizes that as technological advances continue to impact quality roles, new skill sets will be needed to manage the digital disruption. This learning track explores the essential role people play in automated processes, and the role data play in enhancing the human-technology relationship. Feature sessions include:

• Equipment Reliability Through Advanced Analytics
• How the Six Sigma Belts Improve Robotic Process Automation
• Preparing for AI with Lessons from Your Gage R&R Past

The culture keystone: Provides a focused understanding of how organizations can build a cultural foundation that encourages innovation, reduces risk, and creates an enterprisewide commitment to quality at every level. Summit attendees will explore the following presentations:

• Culture Through Self-Awareness and People Data
• Engaging the New Generations in Quality 4.0
• Using Behavioral Science to Improve Root Cause Analysis

The lighthouse series: New to the 2020 Quality 4.0 Summit, this series explores leading-edge approaches to quality-program implementation and delivers insight into how industry front runners leverage best practices, emerging technologies, and advanced statistical tools to enhance results through:

• Telling Effective Stories with Quality Dashboards
• Covid-19—Forcing Digital Transformation
• Process Quality Indices

Learning value for the entire quality community

In addition to full-access to the live event schedule, ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit registration includes extended on-demand access to concurrent session presentations, Lunch and Learn programs, workshops, brief topical Q-Talk sessions, and a solutions exchange for informative and memorable interactions with quality service providers.

The summit is open to all attendees across the entire quality community, both ASQ members and nonmembers. If you’ve recently considered becoming an ASQ member, note that you are eligible for discounted summit registration, and benefits include a full year of on-demand access to summit session proceedings. For details, please visit ASQ.

ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Summit has quickly emerged as the premier event for quality professionals looking to embrace disruption, lead innovation, and address the digital transformation. We hope to “see” you at the summit!

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