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Configit Introduces Breakthrough System-Level Configuration Solution

Enables system-level modeling with 2D and 3D visualization, reducing engineering effort, risk, and cost

Published: Thursday, June 9, 2022 - 14:24

(Configit: Copenhagen) -- Configit, a global leader in configuration life-cycle management (CLM), has announced new breakthrough capabilities in its market-leading solution Configit Ace, which advances CLM by introducing industry-first, system-level configuration.

Organizations need the ability to not just configure individual products but also complex systems of multiple, interdependent products or components, which has been an industry challenge. Configit Ace now addresses this challenge by providing a comprehensive, system-level CLM solution.

With these enhancements, Configit Ace provides:

System-level modeling: The capability to define complex rules and constraints with rich logical expressions that govern the modeling of solutions involving multiple interdependent products, subsystems, or components. This means that engineering assistance is significantly reduced and, in some instances, no longer necessary, allowing a configure-to-order (CTO) approach that can be used for both individual product configuration and system-level configuration across multiple products. This saves time and cost while minimizing configuration errors.

System-level visualization: Configit Ace can now integrate with the Unity 3D visualization tool and CAD systems like Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor. This allows new CAD drawings and 3D visualizations to be created quickly in response to dynamic changes.

System-level offline configuration: Configit Ace provides multiple tools enabling offline system-level configuration. Virtual Tabulation files are made available to the client application on portable devices allowing offline access. Synchronization is performed once internet connection is available, and can be performed either via REST API interfaces for browser-based applications or via C Sharp client libraries for stand-alone applications.

Rich Type-Safe integration: For system-level configuration to be successful, it must be able to reliably integrate with other IT systems, such as product life-cycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Configit Ace application programming interfaces (API) have been enriched with data type checking, leading to fewer errors in interface implementations as well as model change notifications.

Confident quoting: For companies that need to quote large, complex system projects without all the necessary input, system-level configuration makes it easier. An initial system solution can be configured based on the available input and assumptions using the rules and constraints in the CLM solution. When required information is received, it can be immediately applied and validated using the system-level CLM rules without the need for engineering support. This enables companies to confidently quote projects with on-time, on-budget deliveries.

“Until now, system-level configuration involving multiple interdependent products, subsystems, or components hasn’t been possible for organizations using a CLM approach to model configurable systems,” says Configit CEO Johan Salenstedt. “The enhanced Configit Ace solution is truly a game changer, enabling more organizations to benefit from Configuration Life-Cycle Management—including faster time to market, lower cost, lesser risk in quoting processes, and increased efficiency.”

About Configit

Configit is a global leader in CLM and a supplier of business-critical software for the configuration of complex products. All Configit products are based on the patented Virtual Tabulation (VT) technology, which has redefined product configuration by offering greater speed and better handling of complexity. Virtual Tabulation enables Configit to deliver powerful, easy-to-use configuration solutions to market-leading global enterprises.


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