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Argolytics Expands Quality Control Software Suite to Include TRENDABLE for Data Collection

Collect measurements, visual defect information, simple Go/No-Go situations from any online device

Published: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 12:00

(Argolytics LLC: State College, PA) -- Following the recent release of TRENDABLE for Data Analysis, Argolytics LLC, has announced the latest addition to its suite of online quality control software: TRENDABLE for Data Collection.

TRENDABLE for Data Collection builds on Argolytics’ commitment to providing cloud-based affordable, accurate quality control software designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Through fully customizable templates, users can collect measurements, visual defect information, and simple Go/No-Go situations from any online device. Real-time graphs and corrective action prompts allow users to easily identify trends before an out-of-spec product is made.

“This new online data collection tool will help streamline and improve data collection efficiencies on the shop floor. For those manufacturers manually collecting data with paper and pencil, TRENDABLE for Data Collection offers the opportunity to immediately begin collecting data electronically without having to integrate expensive software,” said Tamela Serensits, Founder & CEO of Argolytics.

For TRENDABLE for Data Collection users, the first 2000 observations are free every month. Combined with these free monthly observations, the cost to adopt a modern quality control program is even more affordable given no additional computer hardware is needed - TRENDABLE for Data Collection is easily accessible on existing desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones simply through a web-browser.

“Through our market research, we learned that many small and medium-size manufacturers are eager to begin or expand their current quality control program, but software setup and capital costs are often prohibitive. With TRENDABLE for Data Collection, users will find that the transition to a modern quality control program is easier and more affordable than they thought possible,” said Serensits.

The TRENDABLE quality control software suite is a new approach to modernizing, digitizing, collecting, and reporting quality control activities for small and medium-size manufacturers by providing accurate, comprehensive results. Argolytics is aligned and positioned to continue its growth and mission of “helping small manufacturers visualize and improve product quality.


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Argolytics' strategy is to deliver the clearest, most straightforward reports in an affordable, easy-to-use software platform. We want our customers to feel confident they are getting accurate, polished quality reports for the best value. We believe that even the smallest shop has a right to accurate, affordable reports.