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RTS Consulting Focuses on Manufacturing Shop-Floor Business Solutions

Introducing solutions to improve production performance

Published: Monday, June 5, 2023 - 12:01

(RTS Consulting: Trumbull, CT) -- Manufacturing is a complex, dynamic, variable, and competitive business. A manufacturing execution solution (MES) acts as a real-time integration system between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing operations. Today, connecting people, things, and disparate systems to build cross-organizational value is a must—not an option—to remain in the manufacturing game.

RTS’ new focus delivers highly integrated technology via true digital transformation deployment to achieve manufacturing business objectives. Part of the story is leveraging multidiscipline data using big data techniques, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to achieve a “smart factory,” leading to an intelligent enterprise.

RTS, an industry shop-floor thought leader, has brought to market several leading solutions to improve production performance. For example:
• Intimate, granular, real-time data MES connectivity to shop-floor equipment (PLCs SCADA, MES, IIOT, COBOTs, AI/ML, AGVs)
• MES integration to MS teams
• Plant performance KPIs available via Apple SIRI, anywhere, anytime
• Shop-floor energy management solution

Customers are welcome to leverage RTS’ past experience and thought leadership to define their shop-floor Industry 4.0/digital transformation strategy and road map.


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