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Laser Radar Stations Offer Powerful Alternative to Traditional CMMs

Features include flexible installation and fast measurement

Published: Monday, November 14, 2022 - 08:02

(Nikon Metrology: Leuven, Belgium) -- Nikon Industrial Metrology presents an exciting new metrology system for manufacturers seeking to measure the geometry of medium-to-large parts—from a car door, casting, or fabrication to a whole car chassis or airframe structure. APDIS Intelligent Quality (IQ) stations offer a range of laser radar solutions as alternatives to traditional, slow, monolithic, inflexible panel machines and large-volume, horizontal-arm CMMs.

“Nikon’s noncontact laser radars are already used by major OEMs on a global scale to measure thousands of parts every day, both in metrology rooms and on shop floors,” says Paul Lightowler, APDIS global product manager. “APDIS IQ stations now provide complete turnkey solutions from Nikon, utilizing the speed and data quality improvements of the latest-generation MV430E laser radar to give fully automated measurement stations that are simple to program, fast to measure, and flexible to install.”

The use of a predefined set of positions eliminates the requirement for robot programming following installation, even when modifying measurements or adding new parts. Measurement program analysis is achieved with a few simple clicks, enhanced by the ability to define and simulate measurements offline prior to physical setup.

Measurement routines are selected via the built-in HMI, so all that’s required is to load a part and click a button. Direct feature measurements remove the need for adapters, while small data sets drive faster analysis, speeding up pre- and post-measurement times.

Intelligent Quality is a smart, efficient and productive form of measurement regardless of a component’s color or surface finish. Therefore, the bottlenecks of traditional CMMs are removed, resulting in faster analysis and more data for improved process quality.

The automated turnkey IQ stations are fast to install, configure and commission, while simplified programming and modification deliver flexibility and ease of use. Measurements may be made by choosing routines based on preset robot locations and defined turntable positions, further reducing inspection and analysis times.

Four robotic APDIS IQ stations are available, depending on part size and measurement requirements, from single laser radar and turntable setups to dual laser radar and robot setups for ultimate measurement productivity. Each is a turnkey configuration that has been designed in response to customer feedback. Nikon supplies, installs, and commissions the measuring stations while providing programs, training, and after-sales support.

For further information, see APDIS Intelligent Quality Stations | Large Volume Metrology | Nikon Metrology.

A car chassis being measured in the main area of a Nikon DR600T APDIS IQ station, while subsidiary parts such as door closures on turntables are being inspected using the second robot-mounted APDIS sensor.




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