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Introducing Newest Dispense Works Ring Dex 2 Model for Automatic Bottle Filling and Capping

The Ring Dex 2 filling and capping system is designed to simplify production.

Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - 11:00

(Dispense Works: McHenry, IL) -- The Ring Dex 2 evolved from Dispense Work’s standard line of filling and capping equipment. The system features machine-tool quality construction combined with the latest technologies and new designs to help customers streamline their production.

Each workstation is independent, servo-driven, and features fully programmable motions for accommodating a variety of bottle sizes, capping pitch and torque, fill volumes, and nozzle strokes, as well as other factors. Furthermore, this versatile system can handle bottles with caps assembled or loose.

Bottles are fed from bulk with the unique StepKing feeder that provides gentle and quiet operation (no vibration), which results in higher throughput with minimal part contact and scuffing. Furthermore, this method can handle a range of bottle diameters and lengths with no adjustments required.

This system, along with the conveyors and tracks, is software controlled, allowing users to easily create and edit their menus using the intuitive HMI touch screen controller.

This file-based control system means hundreds of files and recipes may be stored on the machine’s memory card. In most cases, changeover means just loading a new file.

Lastly, an onboard history file logs production data. This includes file name, date and time stamp, quantity, and cycle times for each run, as well as copying and printing functions.


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