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GrayMatter Robotics Recognized for One of the World's Top 50 Robotics Innovation

Industrial Scan&Sand solution wins RBR50 Innovation Award

Published: Monday, May 23, 2022 - 12:00

(GrayMatter Robotics: Los Angeles) -- GrayMatter Robotics has won an RBR50 Innovation Award as one of the 50 leading robotics companies in the world. The award, selected by a committee of industry experts and the Robotics Business Review editorial team, recognized GrayMatter’s Scan&Sand solution as a new robotic product introduction with the potential to positively impact the surface finishing and sanding markets.

“We are excited to have GrayMatter’s smart robotic sanding solution selected for the RBR50 award,” says Ariyan Kabir, CEO at GrayMatter Robotics. “With a global shortage in surface finishing labor, manufacturing reshoring in the U.S., and the need to make a safer and more efficient workplace for high-mix manufacturers, we are honored to have our Scan&Sand solution recognized as the robotic solution that can effectively automate the sanding process.”

GrayMatter Robotics pioneered Scan&Sand technology to use industrial robots to sand parts of nearly any shape or material without prior programming, and allow operation by production personnel. Using an optical scan-based system that plans optimized sanding tool and robot motion with a physics-informed artificial-intelligence framework, the Scan&Sand solution permits users to multiply their productivity, quality, and output without robot programmers or engineers. Designed for rapid and flexible integration into existing high-mix manufacturing lines, Scan&Sand is offered as a turnkey service solution without upfront capital costs.

“Finding and retaining employees willing to do sanding has always been challenging, and in the current labor shortage it has prevented us from growing,” says Francis Hu, president of Performance Composites, a GrayMatter customer. “GrayMatter’s Scan&Sand automation solution has allowed us to free up current sanding employees to work on higher-value tasks and provides a good return on investment.”

“GrayMatter’s Scan&Sand is a uniquely flexible robotic sander,” says Brianna Wessling, a writer at Robotics Business Review. “The quick adjustment times and flexibility are what make it stand out from other robotic sanders. Operators don’t need to know how to code to program the robot. Scan&Sand’s exceptional flexibility and easy implementation surpasses typical robotic sanders.”

About RBR50

For more than a decade, Robotics Business Review’s RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards have highlighted the most creative and influential innovations from around the world that have advanced the state of robotics. Widely recognized throughout the world as a leading indicator of robotics innovation leadership, the RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards are also a critical measure of robotics sector growth. “For the robotics sector, the role, importance, and impact of innovation has never been greater,” says Dan Kara, vice president of robotics at WTWH Media. “With this year’s RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards, Robotics Business Review highlights those critical innovations, and the organizations responsible for them, that will spur the development of new robotics solutions and drive robotics adoption forward.”

About GrayMatter Robotics

GrayMatter Robotics is improving the quality of life of manufacturing workers and enhancing the productivity of manufacturers by leveraging robotics and artificial intelligence. The company creates solutions to assist humans in tedious and ergonomically challenging tasks in high-mix manufacturing and service applications.

Contact GrayMatter Robotics at admin@graymatter-robotics.com


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