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Critical Manufacturing to Demo Latest MES for Electronics Factory at APEX 2023

January 24–26, 2023, Booth 1701, San Diego Convention Center

Published: Monday, January 9, 2023 - 13:01

(Critical Manufacturing: Porto, Portugal) -- Critical Manufacturing, a company that is redefining the role of manufacturing execution systems (MES), is exhibiting with technology leader, ASMPT, at the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO, Booth 1701, scheduled for January 24–26, 2023, at the San Diego Convention Center.

Under the theme “Advance Industry 4.0 with a single MES,” Critical Manufacturing will be showcasing the latest version (V9) of its modern, fully integrated MES for the entire electronics factory—a system that goes beyond SMT lines to manage and provide real-time information from all the production areas at any plant. Moreover, easy and fast deployment anywhere in the world is now a reality for manufacturers looking to scale with Critical Manufacturing MES V9.

Automation, planning, equipment integration and optimization, master data management, material management, recipe management, bill of material validation, work in progress tracking, defects and repair handling, analytics, new product introduction, and more are all challenges that Critical Manufacturing MES addresses, making Industry 4.0 a reality for every electronics manufacturer.

“We look forward to meeting in-person during the IPC APEX EXPO to help customers increase efficiency, enhance quality and yield, and deal with fast-paced, constantly changing markets,” says Jeff Peabody, vice president and managing director for North America. “Implementing a single, comprehensive and modern MES provides electronics manufacturers the capabilities and data they need to move toward Industry 4.0, and we are excited to achieve that with the latest version of our MES.”

Critical Manufacturing’s MES V9 supports continually changing market landscapes with more flexible deployment architectures, faster revision handling, powerful data management tools, and robust security.

The latest version of Critical Manufacturing’s MES uses a manufacturing-specific DevOps Center to enable the software to be reliably deployed to multiple plants located anywhere in the world, not only ensuring easy implementation, but also providing a single, enterprise-wide platform that can be readily and continuously improved.

Critical Manufacturing MES V9 provides real-time data for fast, on-time decisions. It enables MES deployment within a matter of minutes in the cloud, on-premises, or across hybrid infrastructures. MES V9 provides a new level of agility to effectively manage market uncertainties, supports continued market competitiveness, and fosters innovation.

Ultimately, Critical Manufacturing MES V9 delivers change management benefits such as:
• Deploying MES to a new site within 5 minutes, based on a DevOps Center and containers technology, into the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid infrastructures
• Added flexibility into managing product variations in one place using a unique combination of versions, revisions, and context resolutions
• Optimized new product introduction for SMT scenarios

Critical Manufacturing experts will be on hand at booth 1701 available to discuss specific site requirements and show customers the remarkable advantages of this modern, configurable MES, designed specifically to meet the complex needs of electronics manufacturing.

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