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Create Vision Apps Without Programming Knowledge

With block-based editor, anyone can realize projects using AI-based image processing

Published: Monday, June 20, 2022 - 12:00

(IDS: Woburn, MA) -- IDS NXT is a comprehensive AI vision system with a wide range of workflows and tools for realizing your own AI vision applications. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can process tasks “on device” and deliver image processing results as well.

The camera’s tasks are determined by apps that are uploaded to the cameras and executed there. Their functionality can thus be changed anytime. This is supported by software such as IDS NXT lighthouse, with which users can not only train neural networks but now also create their own vision apps. The system offers both beginners and professionals enormous scope for designing AI vision apps.

The initial phase in development is often one of the greatest challenges in realizing a project. But the current 2.6 software release for IDS NXT focuses primarily on simplifying app creation. With the help of the new Application Assistant in IDS NXT lighthouse, users can configure a complete vision app under guidance in just a few steps, which they can then run directly on an IDS NXT camera.

Using the block-based editor, which is also new, users can configure their own program sequences with AI image processing functions, such as object recognition or classification, without any programming knowledge. Users create simple sequences in a few minutes with this visual code editor without having to know the syntax of a specific programming language.

IDS’ Use Case Assistant supports users in creating vision app projects. They simply select the use case that fits their project. With queries and tips, the assistant guides them through the process of creating the vision app project and creates the code. It can link existing training projects with the vision app project, or create new training projects and data sets in IDS NXT lighthouse if required.

Block-based editor: Build vision apps with predefined blocks

With the combinable blocks and intuitive user interface of the block-based editor, anyone can realize their own projects using AI-based image processing (such as object detection or classification) as an individual vision app without having to know the syntax of a specific programming language. Using the predefined blocks of the code editor, users build their vision app graphically, including processes such as loops and conditional statements.

How this works is demonstrated on the IDS Vision Channel. The session “Build AI vision apps without coding” is available for viewing.

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About IDS Imaging Development Systems

IDS Imaging Development Systems is a leading manufacturer of industrial cameras and a pioneer in industrial image processing. The owner-managed company develops modular concepts of powerful and versatile USB, GigE, and 3D cameras as well as models with artificial intelligence (AI). The almost unlimited range of applications covers multiple nonindustrial and industrial sectors of equipment, plant, and mechanical engineering. The AI image-processing platform IDS NXT is extremely versatile and opens up new areas of application where classic rule-based image processing reaches its limits. With visionpier, IDS operates an online marketplace that brings together suppliers of ready-made image processing solutions and interested end customers in a targeted manner.

Since its founding in 1997 as a two-man company, IDS has developed into an independent, ISO- and environmentally certified family business with about 350 employees. The headquarters, in Obersulm, Germany, is both a development and production site. The technology company is also globally represented with branches and offices in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands.


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