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New medical product from Canon’s Video Sensing Division

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Video Borescope Inspection Solution

New medical product from Canon’s Video Sensing Division

Published: Monday, November 14, 2022 - 13:01

(Canon Medical Systems: Tustin, CA) -- Canon Medical Systems USA Inc., Video Sensing Division, announces the new chip-on-tip video borescope camera for inspection applications in extremely tight spaces. The new SV-2000 provides full-color, high-resolution video or still-image capture. Rugged and flexible, the CMOS video scope is offered in three configurations: 1.6 mm Ø x 1.9 m, 400 x 400 resolution; 1.05 mm Ø x 1.2 m, 200 x 200 resolution; and 0.89 mm Ø x 1.2 m, 400 x 400 resolution. Each video scope features 120° field of view and an integrated LED light for illumination within the flexible shaft. They are water-resistant (IPX7 rated) for disinfection tasks or other uses in wet environments.

 There are two camera control unit (CCU) options, both with HDMI and USB 3.0 outputs. The tablet-console features the proprietary SV-2000 interface with an integrated touchscreen display and onboard recording. The second CCU option uses an external display as well as a connection to a PC (not included). Both options include recording to USB media.


The SV-2000 scopes offer plug-and-play with either the tablet console or the CCU. The scope handles have 1/4 in. x 20 in. thread mount for easy integration. Other system features include manual and automatic brightness control, white balance and calibration functions, firmware updates via USB, and multisensor compatibility.

Canon Medical’s new SV-2000 is ideal for a variety of inspection applications, including catheters, tooling, machined parts, and assembly process monitoring. Learn more about the company’s advanced chip-on-tip video borescope camera here; you can view and download the data sheet here.


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