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Nikon Acquires Avonix Imaging

Purchase combines goals and complementary capabilities

Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023 - 11:01

(Nikon Americas Inc.: Brighton, MI) -- Nikon Americas Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Nikon Corp., has purchased the U.S. company Avonix Imaging LLC, of Maple Grove, Minnesota. Since 2015, Avonix has been a strategic X-ray CT (computed tomography) equipment manufacturing partner to Nikon Industrial Metrology Business Unit (IMBU).

As a long-established imaging inspection services provider that uses systems from Nikon for both X-ray/CT 3D and 2D inspection, Avonix has a wealth of technical expertise using X-rays to investigate the interior as well as the exterior of industrial components. Much of this knowledge has come through joint development projects with Nikon, and in particular through the manufacture of cabinets and manipulators used in large-envelope CT systems sold by Nikon IMBU worldwide.

Tadashi Nakayama, IMBU corporate vice president and general manager, says, “Merging the respective strengths of our companies will reinforce our position as market leader in 3D and 2D X-ray inspection and measurement. It will massively enhance our ability to deliver best-in-class, next-generation solutions to manufacturing industry.

“In the run-up to making Avonix a wholly owned subsidiary, we worked intensively with them to develop and build new X-ray CT systems with medium to large inspection envelopes. We recently launched a new model that realizes the largest imaging area for a single-piece cabinet in the industry. Work on expanding this revolutionary machine series and other new products is continuing apace.”

Referring to the partnership, Brian Ruether, Avonix co-founder and co-managing director, says, “Nikon’s proprietary rotating target X-ray sources and proven software, combined with our expertise in the design of configurable systems, controls, and product handling, create a customized experience for our clients, which can contribute to their efficiency and profitability.”

Avonix co-founder and co-managing director Jeff Diehm says, “The historical collaboration between Nikon and Avonix has been rooted in the goal of mutual success for all involved, including partners, vendors and, of course, our customers. It is no coincidence that the goal of mutual success is at the heart of Avonix’s ACE core values. The merger will result in enhanced value through the release of new and innovative products. We are excited to take our long-standing strategic relationship to the next level.”

Nikon and Avonix have been successfully working together for the past eight years to jointly develop, build, sell, and provide services relating to CT systems for large-scale inspection. Together, the two companies will further the development of new products while enhancing the business by leveraging the customer experience, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. It is notable that Nikon has positioned digital manufacturing as its key strategic business.

As part of the acquisition process, Avonix Imaging LLC has become Avonix Imaging Inc.


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