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IVT’s Validation Week 2018

An invite from Alcon Laboratories

Published: Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 17:25

(CBI UBM: Burlington, MA) -- IVT Network, the trusted source for life sciences validation and compliance knowledge, is featuring its flagship event, the 24th Annual Validation Week Oct. 22–24, 2018, in San Diego. Melanie Demakis, IVT’s senior conference producer, recently worked with Connie Hetzler, conference chairperson and global head of validation, manufacturing science, and technology at Alcon Laboratories, a division of Novartis, to discuss her participation and insight into this event.

“As a global head of validation, I know how valuable attending informative training seminars is for the success of my team,” says Hetzler. “This year, as we have for many years past, my team will be attending IVT’s 24th Annual Validation Week, where we will gain knowledge on all aspects of validation and quality, including process, facilities, computer software, and cleaning validation as well as maintaining data integrity compliance and improving quality systems.

“I highly encourage colleagues to take a look at this year’s full agenda, which includes three FDA presentations, 40 educational breakout sessions, and 32 subject matter experts on the speaking faculty. My team looks forward to exchanging perspectives with their peers, especially as there is already participation from over 100 industry professionals.”

Some of the content highlights featured at this year’s validation week include:
• Insight from the FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs: Learn from recent inspections to increase efficiencies and decrease violations
• Optimize cost reduction in process validation using a risk-based approach
• Establish a site-wide or enterprise-wide data governance program to ensure data integrity
• Bring your own challenge workshop
• Bulletproofing your CSV program: Where to start and how to build for success
• Fireside chat: Innovations in validation systems and quality culture

With more than two decades of experience in validation training, IVT Network organized a well-rounded program and makes it easy to select the sessions that best suit your training goals by identifying track topic, learning level, and industry focus.

“I hope colleagues will register to attend Validation Week to join me and my fellow speaking faculty from the FDA, AstraZeneca, Medtronic, Bausch + Lomb, Shire plc, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Upsher-Smith and many more,” says Hetzler. “We look forward to welcoming you and learning from one another to improve our validation processes.”

For more information about the event please visit www.cbinet.com/valweek.


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