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First trial module of learning tool focuses on ISO 9001 and is available now

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Exemplar Global

FDA Compliance

Exemplar Global and QLBS Partner to Launch Audit Simulator

First trial module of learning tool focuses on ISO 9001 and is available now

Published: Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 12:00

(Exemplar Global: Milwaukee) -- Just like aviation flight simulators, the Audit Simulator provides opportunities to audit without risk. Using the simulator, trainee auditors have access to standards and/or checklists, evaluate evidence and comments, then make decisions and give their review on the state of compliance or noncompliance. Learners can then benchmark themselves against professional qualified auditors.

The simulator is built on QLBS’ Quantum Leap platform, which is used globally for auditing compliance and quality. Using the simulator provides the learner with exposure to state-of-the-art digital auditing tools.

Exemplar Global president and CEO Andrew Baines says the Audit Simulator will improve auditor retention levels, provide experience, and attract new auditors to the profession. “To attract and train the digital-age auditor, we have to offer real-time learning using modern knowledge-working tools,” Baines says.

Baines adds that the Audit Simulator can be used in a variety of ways. “If you are a young professional exploring a career in auditing, the simulator introduces the thrill of discovery, while enabling you to test your judgement against experienced professionals,” he explains. “If you are an experienced auditor and want to learn new standards—and explore the use of digital—you will enjoy taking a ride on the simulator and testing yourself against your peers.”

QLBS CEO Keith Phillips says working with Exemplar Global is an exciting opportunity to help bring audit training into the digital world. “By adapting the platform that’s been used by professionals doing compliance auditing for many years, it offers a richness of training experiences which everyone can work on together, whether in the same room or in different countries,” Phillips says.

The first Audit Simulator trial module focused on ISO 9001 is available now at www.exemplarlink.org free of charge. The developers welcome feedback and involvement to help them create further scenarios to extend your experience opportunities.

If you are in the business of training auditors, please contact Exemplar Global to discuss how you can use the Audit Simulator in your training programs, how to install the simulator on your website, and how to develop the scenarios that are relevant to your organization.

If you would like more information about the Audit Simulator, please call Kylie Hawker at (02) 4728 4624, or email khawker@exemplarglobal.org.


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