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Vertex to Supply 3D Industrial-Visualization Software to Deere & Co.

Delivers real-time, actionable 3D data across manufacturing and business operations

Published: Wednesday, August 9, 2023 - 11:00

(Vertex: Des Moines, IA) -- Vertex Software has been selected as a supplier of 3D industrial-visualization software to agricultural provider Deere & Co. John Deere employees will use Vertex to access the state of the factory, service needs for equipment and forecast planning, and information about how equipment functions in real time. They can access the content on any computing device in seconds, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Vertex’s purpose-built software will support John Deere’s Industry 4.0 initiatives, including smart connected factory programs, by delivering real-time, actionable 3D data across manufacturing and business operations.

The Vertex 3D platform dramatically reduces the time, cost, and effort needed to use 3D visualizations across the manufacturing value chain, according to Vertex officials. The platform reportedly will help John Deere build and deploy fit-for-purpose apps that deliver decision-making systems with interactive 3D content.

The sheer size and sensitive nature of CAD data, the cost of 3D hardware and software, and the number of data formats and software systems have made it nearly impossible to use 3D product data beyond engineering, according to Vertex officials. Via the 3D platform, users can engage customers, employees, suppliers, and partners with 3D data wherever they are and on whatever devices they use. The platform reportedly extends the reach of 3D data to reduce supply-chain bottlenecks, accelerate time to market, and increase sales by providing simple access to viewable 3D information to enhance productivity and reduce expenses.

First published July 21, 2023, in MetalForming Magazine.


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