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Object Management Group’s Paper Debunks Cloud Myths

Base your cloud strategy on reliable information

Published: Wednesday, August 2, 2023 - 11:59

(Object Management Group: Boston) -- International technology standards organization Object Management Group (OMG) Cloud Working Group has published a discussion paper, Cloud Myths and Realities. The working group wrote the paper to help cloud customers evaluate, select, implement, and govern cloud solutions deliberately and safely. A companion piece to OMG’s Practical Guide to Cloud Computing, the Cloud Myths and Realities paper will help cloud customers see through the misinformation in the cloud domain.

“Since the cloud computing model became a mainstream phenomenon about 15 years ago, users have submitted to a barrage of confusing claims, counterclaims, and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt),” says Claude Baudoin, owner, and principal at cébé IT and Knowledge Management, and co-chair of the OMG Cloud Working Group. “This paper analyzes and debunks cloud myths.”

The cloud myths discussed in this paper include:
• Myths about scope and applicability
• Everything should/will move to the cloud, and there is no reason to move back
• Cloud solutions are only for startups and small companies that don’t have an IT department
• Cloud computing is the same as software as a service (SaaS)
• Cloud services and hosted services are the same

Myths about costs
Cloud solutions are (always) cheaper than on-premises solutions, which is the main reason to move to the cloud.

The infinite resources myth
The cloud will automatically scale up and deploy whatever resources we need, essentially offering infinite resources to the customer.

Myths about exiting the cloud
Migrating out of the cloud is as straightforward as it was to migrate into the cloud.

Myths about security
• The cloud is less secure than your data center.
• It does not matter where you host a cloud service.
• Managing encryption is easy thanks to the providers’ BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) offering.

Myths about availability
There are more outages in the cloud than in your data center.

Myths about management
• Once you move to the cloud, the cloud service provider does everything for you.
• You can apply your existing policies and procedures to manage the cloud environment consistently with your on-premises environment.

Myths can lead to various inappropriate decisions in cloud computing. The Cloud Myths and Realities paper will help customers discern the reality behind the cloud myths, which is essential when forming a cloud strategy.

You can download the Cloud Myths and Realities discussion paper from OMG’s website, and also view the Cloud Computing Myths and Realities webinar on demand.


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