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Mecmesin Expands OmniTest UTM Range

Three new single-column models with capacities of 0.5 kN, 1 kN, and 2.5 kN

Published: Wednesday, September 6, 2023 - 10:59

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(Mecmesin: Horsham, West Sussex, UK) -- Mecmesin, a global leader in designing and manufacturing equipment to test force, materials, and torque for quality control, has expanded its OmniTest universal testing machine (UTM) range. The latest additions to the OmniTest lineup include three single-column models with capacities of 0.5 kN, 1 kN, and 2.5 kN. These compact single-column models feature a precision ballscrew that drives a crosshead mounted with an ELS load cell. With their small footprint, they are perfect for benchtop use in space-limited environments, catering to forces below 2.5 kN.

Mecmesin also has undertaken a comprehensive engineering redesign of its existing range of twin-column test stands in 10 kN, 25 kN, and 50 kN capacities. These twin-column models provide exceptional rigidity, generous space between columns, and are equipped with twin precision ballscrews to drive a robust crosshead fitted with an ELS load cell. The updated design offers enhanced performance and usability for testing larger samples effectively.

In line with the modern Mecmesin branding, the OmniTest range has received a refreshed look, maintaining a uniform and cohesive visual identity across the entire product family.

Patrick Collins, technical director at Mecmesin, says, “Innovative engineering and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs have come together to create a UTM that not only incorporates the latest technological advancements in VectorPro software, our easy-to-use and intelligent test analysis software, but also looks great in any laboratory or QA environment. Our products prioritize powerful functionality, intuitive operation, and touchscreen friendliness, ensuring faster, smarter testing with accurate, reliable, and reproducible results.”

Designed to meet demanding tension and compression measurement applications across a wide range of industries, the OmniTest range caters to the diverse needs of both research and development laboratories as well as quality assurance environments. It serves as an ideal solution for conducting static tensile and compressive tests to measure the mechanical properties of various materials, including plastics, rubbers, elastomers, metals, composites, fabrics, glass, and ceramics. The OmniTest delivers quantitative results with a high degree of repeatability, which is crucial for effective quality control.

The OmniTest features a user-friendly front panel for easy selection of test parameters, live load and length readings, and precise manual crosshead positioning using the multifunction controller. Colored LEDs provide visual cues to indicate the machine’s status during testing. Incorporating state-of-the-art electronics and a range of high-resolution precision enhanced load sensors (ELS), the OmniTest ensures exceptional load accuracy with a reading accuracy of 0.5% and a resolution of 1:50,000. This enables a broader range of tests to be performed without the need to switch load sensors.

Customers also have the option to choose the OmniTest with an optional touchscreen controller, designed as a convenient alternative to a desktop or laptop PC. The touchscreen controller operates with Microsoft Windows and is specifically optimized and preinstalled with Mecmesin’s VectorPro software, making it ready for immediate use with OmniTest.

Key features include:
• Real-time graph plotting
• Immediate display of results
• Full data export
• Customized report generation
• Drag-and-drop interface
• Personalized workspace
• Secure user accounts
• Batch testing
• Full traceability for FDA 21 CFR Part 11
• Cloud-based sharing of programs and test results

The OmniTest system can be supplied with or without an extensometer, depending on the specific testing requirements of the customers.

“The new OmniTest models with their improved mechanical performance and build quality complement VectorPro perfectly, which many already feel is the most intuitive and feature-rich testing software on the market,” says John Page, PPT group managing director. “Solving customer problems is in the Mecmesin DNA, and we’re now uniquely placed to offer a range of high-end material testing systems and, where required, more basic product testing solutions, all at an affordable price with the modularity the new OmniTest range brings.” 

Visit Mecmesin for more information.


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