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Configit’s Ace Plug-In Delivers Immersive 3D Product Experience

Customers can place orders in a self-service configurator

Published: Thursday, March 2, 2023 - 13:00

(Configit: Copenhagen, Denmark) -- Configit, a global leader in configuration life cycle management (CLM), has announced that its Configit Ace has been approved for use by Unity Forma. Additionally, the two companies have co-developed a connector between Configit Ace and Unity Forma, providing manufacturers with best-in-class configuration and 3D visualization technology. This enables manufacturers to provide self-service to their end customers of highly complex products using a 3D product configurator.

As a verified partner, Configit has undergone a vigorous review process to ensure that it meets Unity’s highest standards. These verified solutions are offered by domain experts who are committed to providing high-quality solutions and support. Their efforts guarantee that when a product is finally ready to be distributed, developers can depend on the verified solution to still be supported.

The Configit Ace plug-in for Unity Forma, available via the Unity Asset Store, enables:

• Global manufacturing companies with highly configurable products to reduce the time from product design to sales to manufacturing by 92 percent
• These companies’ end customers to place orders in a fully integrated, self-service 3D-configurator at various degrees of advanced complexity, which also increases sales efficiency
• An easy, frictionless process to maintain the configuration solution for back-end staff. A single source of configuration truth for every relevant department results in a cross-functional, error-free process without redundant checks and iterations.

Johan Salenstedt, Configit CEO, says, “Becoming part of Unity’s Verified Solution ecosystem will enable us to help more customers with enhanced product-configuration functionality. Unity’s visualization product, Forma, unlocks major efficiencies in content production, enabling businesses to rapidly import 3D product data to visualize models and all of their variants in real-time 3D. Our Configit Ace API will provide an immersive 3D experience of the product for customers. That’s a great fit for the needs of our customers that manufacture highly complex products, and for Unity’s customers as well.” 


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