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3D Guide Removes Frustration From Product Assembly

Yotrio and SunVilla to provide interactive, 3D-enabled assembly via BILT app

Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 - 13:00

(BILT: Grapevine, TX) -- Yotrio, a leading manufacturer of outdoor living products, is enhancing its out-of-the-box customer experience with BILT. The 3D interactive app will deliver Yotrio’s assembly instructions with customizable guides to make it easier to set up pergolas, furniture, swings, and more. Their family of brands, including SunVilla, is committed not only to delivering premium products but also innovating the customer experience.

Yotrio recognizes product assembly is a critical moment in the customer journey. Data collected from Yotrio’s private-label products on BILT indicate a rating increase of up to 0.5 stars with 3D-enabled assembly (compared to organic reviews). Feedback from BILT users is overwhelmingly positive: “Thorough instructions—provided step by step—made assembly easy.”

“Yotrio has built our business on providing superior products and customer experience to our retail partners and end consumers,” says Yotrio executive vice president Fred Mottaghi. “We see BILT as a strategic partner to further enhance our ability to deliver a premium experience.”

“SunVilla, Yotrio’s high-end brand, is hyper-focused on providing customers with a five-star experience,” says Matt Weiss, SunVilla executive vice president. “We’re excited to offer this 3D-enhanced experience through BILT on our products moving forward.”

“Yotrio is an industry innovator,” says BILT CEO Nate Henderson. “They honor their customers’ time and are providing BILT to ensure an empowering experience.” When assembling large products that arrive in flat-pack boxes, such as patio furniture, the 3D guides enable consumers of all abilities to finish the job more quickly and effectively. 

The SunVilla pergola swing is the first of the ready-to-assemble products to be published on BILT this year. In addition to enhanced setup, these products will enjoy higher star ratings, fewer returns, and lower support costs. 


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