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Geomagic Launches New Website with Strong User and Partner Community Support in 7 Languages

Published: Friday, August 19, 2011 - 14:57

(Geomagic: Research Triangle Park, NC) -- Geomagic, the leading provider of 3-D software for creating digital models of physical objects, launched its new multi-lingual website on July 20, 2011. The site features the Geomagic Community, enabling people to share their 3-D scan data processing experiences, new products, and industry trends.

The website is designed to showcase information on the latest developments and trends in reverse engineering and inspection software along with their applications across a range of business and industry sectors. It includes a blog that enables people to share their reverse engineering, 3-D digital modelling, and 3-D inspection experiences and to comment on topics of mutual interest.


The Geomagic Community includes Geomagic Labs, which provides early access to new technologies, innovation, and product concepts before they appear in commercial software. It also includes a video channel where product highlights, corporate news, and interesting user stories, as well as Geomagic’s CEO’s involvement with the president at the White House are broadcast. Geomagic software demonstration videos are also hosted there.

“This new website is designed to bring Geomagic and professionals who rely on 3-D scanning and imaging technologies closer together,” says Ping Fu, Geomagic’s CEO. “Whether they are involved in the design and development of industrial, medical, or consumer products, the digital reconstruction or archiving of art and archaeological finds, the inspection of as-built parts, or the creation of virtual worlds, these users will find valuable content. This is our window to the world and our social network site that engages our users, partners, and like-minded people.”

“Geomagic supports a global ecosystem of design professionals and partners who help users select and implement reverse engineering and inspection solutions,” says Tom Kurke, chief operating officer at Geomagic. “I am excited about our new web presence as it highlights our commitment to support our partners and users globally with dynamic and fresh information.”

This first phase of the new site delivers the corporate website, plus seven regional sites, which communicate directly with professionals in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia/Pacific (APAC) regions.

View the new website now at www.geomagic.com.


About The Author

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Different from CAD, Geomagic offers specific products to create 3D content from imaging the real world and real people, verify dimensional quality by comparing a master design to as-built products, and simulate touch sensations in digital environments. Geomagic products are used to create new products, new processes, and archive the world around us, serving the aerospace, automotive, toys, molds, medical device, surgical simulation, consumer products, arts, heritage, research and education industries. Based in North Carolina, Geomagic has a Boston office and subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and partner channels worldwide.